Spider-Man: Sony Is Supposedly Including Baby Peter Parker In A New Spin-Off Film

Spider-Man: Sony Is Supposedly Including Baby Peter Parker In A New Spin-Off Film ...

Sony has been dead-set for years on establishing its own Marvel universe centered around its library of Spider-Man heroes, and it's finally achieving that with films based on Venom,Morbius,El Muerto, and Madame Webfleshing out this world. But the one thing this interconnected world continues to lack is its own wall-crawler.

Many have been unsure which iteration of Tom Holland would face off against these famous foes, especially since Sony's role in the Marvel Multiverse is still unclear.

Spider-favorite character, the Multiverse, has always been a major component of the game. In Maddame Web, Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, Emma Roberts, and Adam Scott, this concept will be further explored soon.

As Sony expands its Madame Web cast, it has continued to be unclear which Marvel characters each of its members will be playing. Now, a report has revealed much of the cast of characters, and it may reveal Spider-Man's imminent arrival in a sense.

Baby Spider-Man will be included in Madame Web.

According to an exclusive story from The Cosmic Circus, American Horror Storystar Emma Roberts will play Mary Parker in Sony's Spider-Man Universe's Madame Web.

InMadame Web, Mary Parker, who is the mother of Peter Parker, will also be expecting a child, indicating that a baby Peter Parker might be on the way.

Roberts will reportedly play alongside Dakota Johnson's Cassandra Webb, Sydney Sweeney's Julia Carpenter, and Adam Scott's Uncle Ben.

Is Sony Setting Up a New Spider-Man?

Madame Web has already been revealed in the early 2000s, so, if this film does share a universe with VenomandMorbius, baby Peter Parker should be completely grown up by the time they finish school, raising the question as to which Spider-Man this Peter Parker will grow up to be: Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire, or another actor altogether.

The exact location of Sony's Spider-Man Universe in the Marvel Multiverse is still unknown, but Morbius has confirmed that it isn't in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Earth-616. So, unless Sony is preparing to introduce a Variant of Tom Holland's Spider-Man played by the same actor, that young British star would likely be ruled out.

Tobey Maguire's Spider-Manflicks took place in the early 2000s, leaving Andrew Garfield as the only option. However, fans already knew Mary Parker from The Amazing Spider-Man, and she was played byEmbeth Davidtz, so that also takes him out of the equation.

The only real possibility for Sony's latest Spider-Man to be a completely new take on the character, possibly played by another actor altogether. Although, there's every possibility that this baby Peter Parker will never be fully grown up and instead be left to be inMadame Web.

Sony has long demonstrated its capacity to engulf people in droves and create absurd plot points, so anything is possible. Fans will have to wait and see what the studio has in store when Mary Web arrives in theaters on October 6, 2023.

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