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KJT is introducing new logo and brand identity to KjT

KJT is introducing new logo and brand identity to KjT

KJT is proud to announce its new brand identity, including a new visual language and updated key messages that strengthen the brand's core attributes: Experience, Collaboration, Confidence, Approachability, Authenticity and Transformation.

"Our business has grown a lot over the years, and we felt our brand could better express the company," said Michaela Gascon, the new CEO.

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The brand journey is all about finding and sharing your company's authentic narrative, which takes time and thoughtful input from diverse stakeholders. Using a collaboration effort that led to achieving realism, we're able to deliver business recommendations through collaborating with our healthcare clients," she added.

KJT began the rebranding process by partnering with Sprout Growth Services.

When we embark on corporate branding with our clients, we start with deep dives in their business," said Peter Simpson, Sprout's Creative Director. "During this discovery phase, we define brand attributes, which will drive the visual direction for the brand."

According to Simpson, if the creative process goes through the rigors of this strategic discovery phase, many aspects are left up to personal preference, and thus create a brand image that is not as authentic or relevant as possible.

"A business can be a lot of things for many people," said Simpson. "To be intentional about who they are and how they want to be perceived," says Simpson, "The strategic branding process forces corporations to go out of the way

The discovery process, distilled down to their core essence, was the foundational foundation of the company's new brand identity. This statement highlights KJT'd'his thinking and methodology, its technology solutions, the ease of doing business

"At its heart, KJT represents an employee-owners who are agile, hardworking and ambitious," said Melissa Lippa, Koosh-Kippa Design Manager. We invested in a more fully developed brand to better communicate these unique attributes, and I really think we landed on re-designing based on the future without losing our past - and that truly represents the

Lippa further stated that a major part of the brand refresh project is redesigned KJT website, reflecting the new brand presence while improving the UX experience. "Visitors to our site will see our new logo, colors and type and new team portraits, showing the warmer, more human side of our brand," she said.

Lippa added that the brand work supports a broader content marketing strategy, whereas the company regularly publishes articles, posts, opinion pieces and educational material. The effort is aimed at all of the company's digital platforms and properties and to provide a holistic support for that dynamic content.

For a brief interview with Michaela Gascon, Melissa Lippa and Peter Simpson, please visit the website to learn more about the KJT brand and its recent brand journey.

About KJT Group: KJT Group is a medical consulting firm with evidence-based capabilities. We transform and empower business through evidence, insights and collaboration. KJT Group founded in 2007, employs more than 60 full-time people across the United States and is 100% employee owned.

Press Contact: 585-624-8050 Melissa Lippa Marketing CommunicationsKJT Group Inc. Six East StreetHoneoye Falls, NY 14272

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