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Digital Promise and Ciena launch the new Global Design Challenge

Digital Promise and Ciena launch the new Global Design Challenge

WASHINGTON, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- AP Newswire -- The sun is going to get hotter, no. Digital Promise is a digital promise. and and Ciena Cienceda (NYSE:CIEN) are excited to announce the launch of the new product. Ciena Solutions Challenge is a solution of Cienta. The world's largest design challenge is to bring students to college for funding and exhibition.

The Ciena Solutions Challenge invites middle and high school students globally (e.g. educational level equivalent to ages 11-19) to design solutions that address the problem in order to solve the issue. The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN) are Sustainable Goal Goal. Within their communities, the people are living in their community. Digital Promise and Ciena will provide professional learning and mentoring opportunities to educators and students participating in the Challenge. Starting on September 15, educators can start with the month of September 15th. apply apply. To support and scale student projects, a Sustainability Award of 22,500 USD is awarded to the university for achieving measurable results. If selected, the grant will go to the educator's educational institution.

"The next generation of problem-solvers need opportunities to design solutions that address real world challenges in their local communities. The Ciena Solutions Challenge aims to engage and inspire students to redefine a better world, with critical hands-on experience with digital skills and advanced technologies. "This collaboration with Digital Promise is a key part of our Digital Inclusion program, and we look forward to seeing the creativity and innovation students bring to this initiative."

"The Ciena Solutions Challenge allows learners to connect with their learning in authentic and personal ways, to learn through inquiry, collaborate with the community and take positive action to make a difference in their local communities," said Jean-Claude Brizar The Ciena Solutions Challenge exemplifies what the Cienta solution challenge is. Learning is powerful. It allows educators and students to recognize that they make a positive impact in their communities.

Learn more about the Ciena Solutions Challenge by joining the competition. The school meeting was held on Wednesday, September 15 at 12 p.m. ET . Students from the United States and Canada will share how the Challenge helped them build positive relationships with students, engage students in virtual learning and help students find an authentic purpose for learning.

Contact Contact : Press Contact: Crystal Williams Digital Promise 240-494-6382 - 480-484-63382. [email protected]

About Ciena, Cienne, Yves, Ceno, Utay, Iz, Vuyenna. Ciena (NYSE: CIEN) is a networking software, services and software company. We provide solutions that help our customers create Adaptive NetworkTM as a solution to the constantly changing demands of their end-users. By providing the best networking technology through highly-touch consultation relationships, we build the world's most agile networks with automation, openness and scale. For more info about Ciena, please follow us on Twitter. @Ciena @ @ciona , LinkedIn LinkedIn , the emperor, yelling the slave. Ciena Insights blog Ciana insings. , or visit or see a shopper. www .

Digital Inclusion Programs for Ciena include the Digital Copying Program, Inc. Ciena's Digital Inclusion program aims to mobilize the company'' global workforce, leverage its innovation leadership, and collaborate with customers, suppliers and other partners to bridge the digital divide. Ciena has committed to fund 10 million dollars ($20 million) over a five-year period on programming that promotes digital inclusion through greater connectivity, access to technology and digital skilling, with the goal of expanding opportunities for 100,000 under

About Digital Promise Digital Promise is a nonprofit organization that builds powerful networks and takes on big challenges by working at the intersection of researchers, entrepreneurs and educators. Our vision is that everyone, at every stage of their lives, has access to learning experiences that help them acquire the knowledge and skills they need to thrive and continuously learn in an ever-changing world. For more information, visit the website. Digital Promise site. and follow. @digitalpromise @100% @mauseuse # For updates, please check.

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