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Axxess and Home Health Care News Survey shows Homecare Staffing Shortages affect patients and businesses

Axxess and Home Health Care News Survey shows Homecare Staffing Shortages affect patients and businesses

Data from the University of Minnesota have shown that the effects of staffing and workforce development challenges in the home are direct and indirect. According to the latest study published by Axxess, the leading technology innovator for care at home, and the shortages also affected the businesses that provide the patient care, a new survey finds. Home Health News - Home News, Home Home Home. , the leading daily news magazine serving the home-based care industry.

The lack of staffing and workforce issues has been highlighted recently with a slow increase in job creation over the month of August, partly due to concerns over circulating COVID-19 variant, Delta variant of the virus. The survey identified three strategies care at home organizations use to help address the shortages: the treatment of the acute ear problems, the use of care-in-home professionals and the organization's efforts to address this problem:

  • Increased compensations and benefits.
  • Sign-on bonuses are welcome.
  • Flexible staffing or job sharing allows flexible staff or work sharing.

The medical and mental health organizations want to provide the best care for patients, but finding the staff willing to serve those patients has been a permanent challenge, said John Olajide, founder and CEO of Axxess. "Axxess is constantly developing new technologies to help these organizations address staffing shortages and provide exceptional care. Organizations that are willing to embrace technology like Axxess CARE are thriving because they can optimize the workforce and serve patients in need."

77% of participants agreed that their organization could benefit from training and development programs. Twenty-four percent of participants specifically said their organization is leveraging career and professional development as a tactic to retain employees in competitive labor market.

The data comes a few weeks after the public launch of the Axxess Certification Program, which is intended to create standardized standards of home health, home care and hospice industry knowledge and competency.

The Axxess Certification Program leverages care at home industry expertise and Axee solutions solutions training to provide continuing education and development for leadership and staff at all levels. Participants earn certification from foundational to expert levels across clinical, operational and financial tracks.

Axxess CARE is a scheduling and staffing platform that has already helped nurses and therapists complete more than 622,000 home health visits nationwide. This allows organizations to work with more clinicians to accept referrals

The report is available now. It was commissioned during the months of July and August 2021. The survey was conducted in the home health and home care unit survey, which was carried out in all areas of the country in two years.

Clients who use Axxess software to manage their business and deliver the highest quality patient care.

About Axxess about Axee's.

Axxess is the leading technology innovator in the field of healthcare at home, providing solutions that improve the care of more than 3 million patients worldwide. Axxess is a complete suite of software solutions that help home care providers grow their business while improving their lives. It's been the result of more than 9,000 organizations' success. The company's collaborative culture focused on innovation and excellence is recognized nationally as the "Best Place to Work".

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