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The creditcardGenius Sets Off New Cash Back Program With Tesla Giveaway Bang Bang

The creditcardGenius Sets Off New Cash Back Program With Tesla Giveaway Bang Bang

Today the Canadian credit card comparison website creditcardGenius announced the launch of a $10K Tesla Giveaway with their new GeniusCash rewards program.

GeniusCash pays up to $100 in bonus cash back to their PayPal account when they apply and approved for eligible cards through the espionage scheme. Canadians are allowed to get cash from the bonuses in cash to the money back CreditcardGenius offers page 0 . Each gelding will also give Canadians automatic entry to the $10K Tesla Giveaway, which will end May 31, 2022.

The other one was the other half of the Tesla giveaway A tiered structure is used, starting with a $10,000 cash prize. The prize will be boosted to a new Tesla model 3. Once the competition reaches 5,000 valid entries, the prize is boosting to the new model 3 of the Tesla Model 3. The final prize, even if the payouts received before the draw date are cashed out.

"Cash is tight these days, so we wanted to give Canadians an extra boost on their new card's welcome bonus," said Stephen Weyman, co-founder of creditcardGenius. Often, the consumer has high spending requirements to satisfy with their customers' demands so they can get a full bonus. However, if the cash back is based on credit card approval alone, it's much easier to get. We've also added the fun of a Tesla giveaway so you can essentially get paid for the chance to win eagle -.

The GeniusCash bonuses are paired with the card's regular welcome bonuses and rewards, giving users up to $1,272 in first-year total rewards value.

GeniusCash offers 7 Genomash.

Card with the card.


BMO CashBack World Elite Mastercard BCO Cashback World Master Card BGM Cash Back World Deluxe MasterCard.

$100, $100 dollars, 100 dollars.

Scotiabank Gold American Express is Scotia Bank's Gold US Express.

$100 dollar

Passport Visa infinite Card to Scotiabank Passif Visa Visa Infinites Card.


Scotia Momentum Infinite Card.

$100 dollars $1.

Tangerine Money-Back Mastercard with Tangera MoneyBack.

$75 dollars.

Tangerine World Mastercard.


Mastercard MBNA True Line Master Card, MasterCard Master.

$20 $: $20 $1, $7, $20, $10, $15, $50,

All of these offers end on October 31, 2021. For more information about each card and their regular welcome bonuses, visit your website. the creditcardGenius offers page. .

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