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Vendor Caucus Group Convenes to Create a voice for industry

Vendor Caucus Group Convenes to Create a voice for industry

The Electronic Signing & Records Association (ESRA) has created a Remote Online Notarization Group to address the policy and industry issues impacting the RON Technology Vendors nationwide.

When Nancy G. Pratt, Senior Strategy Business Manager with Black Knight, was informed of the pending state regulation, which would impact every approved RON Technology Vendor operating in that state, she assembled the vendors to resolve the issue Together they sent a coalition letter to the Secretary of State to support the change of the regulations. Their success was the start of RON Vendor Caucus.

Pratt organized the group together with Nicole Booth, executive vice president, Public Affairs at Notarize. The RON Technology Vendors are now and then being part of a group of people who are working together to address the issues that affect the company's services. We can work together, have a bigger impact and look for each other. Booth led the group and created a solution that brought together industry-leading RON Technology Vendors to solve the biggest problems facing the industry. The group quickly discovered its mission and principles and quickly achieved the support of the top 10 RON Technology vendors.

It's an honor to join this important effort with Nancy and our colleagues. Nancy is true leader and continues to be a champion for RON," said Booth. Since the first law was implemented, thirty states have joined in. Regardless of whether RON might be a new frontier for some, it's been nearly 10 years since the earliest legalization came into effect. Together with ESRA, the RON Vendor Caucus Group will lead a trusted coalition of industry experts to work with our government partners to improve - / CAN, increase digital access, and &...

Rather than forming a new association, Booth and Pratt decided to partner with ESRA because of their experience in the industry accelerating the adoption of technologies that grow the digital economy. Pratt said: "ESRA provides experts in the digital economy with the expertise of a wide spectrum of experts whose approach is radically different from the standard of the industry's digitalized experience despite the diverse set of opinions This allows our group to find a tremendous leader and collaboration. This is a perfect fit." ESRA was able to provide the structure that group needed to quickly move forward.

Pratt said that the RON Vendor Caucus Group started because of a need and, under the direction and direction of Nicole, we're making a difference! We plan to provide education and be the trusted source of information across all industries when it comes to RON."

Currently, the RON Vendor Caucus Group is only open to ESRA members. To learn more about the RON Vendor Caucus Group or about becoming an ESRA member, please visit the website. is a registrar. or email [email protected] .

About ESRA, about a spokesman. Electronic Signing & Records Association is the leading organization to educate and advocate for the use and acceptance of digital transactions. The ESRA advances and accelerates the adoption of digital transactions and related technologies across all verticals. With thinking leadership, legislative advocacy, education and events, a trusted digital economy is rooted in every sector. For more information, visit our website at the bottom of this page. .

SOURCE Electronic Sign & Records Association, Source Electronic Signature / Records Society, Association of America's largest and largest digital auctions.

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