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The GFT and Thought Machine announce that BankLiteX will accelerate delivery of cloud-based digital banking

The GFT and Thought Machine announce that BankLiteX will accelerate delivery of cloud-based digital banking

NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The global IT services and software engineering company is a cloud-based company. GFT is an average metric. The Cloud-native core bank company Thought Machine announce the announcement. BankLiteX is available a few days later. . The new solution is run on the Amazon Web Services (AWS), and was developed by GFT and Thought Machine. It's run with GTS and GRT and runs on GIF and thought machine, and is powered by the The fastest way to create and deploy cloud-based digital bank is to deploy and use cloud computing. .

Building block architecture of pluggable components is built on the block.

The bankLiteX is a fully modular system designed to use Vault, Thought Machine's next-generation cloud-native core banking engine, using AWS' native cloud services hosted on the AW infrastructure. By delivering the required capabilities for a multi-national, multinational strategy, bank banks can create modern, highly flexible end-to-end solutions. The system enables banks to develop innovative solutions that allow banks, to rely on Its "building block" is his "block building" architecture is composed of fully functional components. Using the API gateway, an integration layer and microservices can be combined with the AWS API.

"Established financial institutions and start-ups are struggling with the limitations of legacy technology. With modern core banking technology, it's urgently needed to invest in superior customer service capabilities, reducing complex technology environments and achieving optimal operational efficiency. That's where BankLiteX comes in its own way, incorporating Vault, our cloud-based core banking solution. The increasing number of inquiries we receive for this type of solution is a clear indication of the industry's growing appetite for change.

Using the Digital Bank Launcher (DBL), GFT's new cloud-native asset, it was developed to enable the modern core banking providers to supercharge their solutions. DBL provides all the building blocks necessary to deliver digital channels and the banking platform to support integrations with external service providers and a fintech ecosystem.

According to Ruiz de Villa, DBL provides dynamically-oriented services. Scalability is a problem. and ensures that you get it done. Quality consistent, consistent. and Security for the security of the network is paramount. The core banking system, the digital channels and the integration with third parties spread across the entire banking stack. It's built with the latest collaborative methods and technologies to ensure that all the teams across the business, from UX and design to DevOps and operations, can operate within a single-frame operation. Transparent Fully, a full body, and fully reclaimed. Solid environment . An API-based experience and a Banking-as-Service layer provide iAsa-service and Banking as-for-you-the-earth experience. Experience smooth and seamless experience. In the broader context of other services, products and custom-made software, the market is being expanded.

Make sure you have a lite bank running in under 12 weeks.

By using BankLiteX's pre-configured components, architecture and infrastructure, including GFT'dBL accelerator, banks can use DBL to accelerate bank transactions. Get a bank in under 12 weeks to run - if you don't have naive credit. . This approach will allow users to quickly deploy different brands across multiple geographies tailored to a country-specific business and regulatory requirements and support local products and regional partners.

"The solution was developed based on knowledge and experience that GFT has acquired over the years working and delivering innovation to financial institutions all over our globe." BankLiteX will help our clients in the US with their products and services, reducing time to market, cutting project risks and controlling operational and development expenditure. This technology can deliver great results and benefits to the financial ecosystem.


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