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Prism Electric is going with Cloud-Based Construction ERP, which lets Prise Electric complete the project

Prism Electric is going with Cloud-Based Construction ERP, which lets Prise Electric complete the project

Implementation of Field-Focused Platform Deployment Sets the Stage for Seamless Workflows and Future Expansion.

Prism Electric, Inc., the largest electrical company in Texas, selected the purpose-built CMiC construction management platform as its enterprise-wide system.

With five employees in 1994, Prism Electric expanded its growth to 700+ employees with offices in Texas and Oklahoma. Prism Electric has a large portfolio of successful projects ranging in size and complexity from simple one-day projects to multi-million-dollar technical projects. The business also includes a service maintenance division that has grown to handle all aspects of electrical construction to meet the customer's needs. We provide 24/7 customer service for our clients.

The firm was ready to take on more, only to find its tools and workflows weren't built for the increased demand. Leadership understood that to grow the company and meet new technical demands, the firm needed to improve its systems.

As far as we can see, we must look for the strong economy, remarked John Harmon, Electrical Engineer with Prism Electric, Inc., with the expertise of the workflow, "We have a strategic plan to expand our market

Prism Electric did not have an IT intensive company, but it developed an on-premise ERP that was implemented a decade ago. "The problem," continued Harmon, was that our project teams didn't use it. Instead, we created spreadsheets with all sorts of workarounds. We knew that wasn't an effective way forward.

In 2020, Prism Electric hired a consultant, ERP Advisors, to help it navigate the cloud-based ERP selection process and find securing based solutions for construction and job control.

"We thought one of the significant shortcomings of our old ERP was that it was selected exclusively by accounting for accounting. So, the decision didn't have a huge deal of buy-in from our operations team," explained Harmon. We put more emphasis on project management and field construction staff needs and made sure that every group, especially operations, voted on the decision.

'Proving' Functionality. For further secure buy-in, Harmon assembled an evaluation team composed of individuals from every department and business process within Prism Electric, from design to services. "We wrote a script of what we wanted to see and asked the ERP vendors to follow-it and 'prove' their functionality. The script went far beyond the sales pitch or the technical demonstration. We wanted the ERP providers to prove functionality in our workflows. The functionality was so important that we didn't even start talking about pricing until we reached the final decision, he said.

While it focused on payroll and HR, the script focused in the main focus of the work script on cost accounting and how project managers track progress, including schedules and budgets. The script also focused on how the information can be used to the leadership to support decisions.

The team learned about some capabilities that weren't on their initial requirements list.

Harmon noted that "When we checked to ensure that CMiC could address all our operational needs, we started looking at some of the solution's other features. Our project managers really like to use the construction productivity application for field markups, progress photos and issues tracking. We found that CMiC's FIELD application can be connected with all of our other projects' data.

The Prism Electric selection was split into two choices. "After two days of evaluation and scoresheet assessment, it was a no brainer."

Seamless Data Flows - Streams with Sea-less data. Prism Electric moved to CMiC in January 2021. The same people who participated in the evaluation are also the champions and subject experts during implementation. Harmon expects the company to go live with the first phase in October 2021 and with all the other phase by January 2022.

Harmon pointed out the movement of data from one phase to the next when the CMiC platform is live. When asked about immediate ROI, as well as the proximity of the data to this phase of life, he pointed to a "We work very hard in the design-assist project delivery procurements, where we're early involved in a project design." We have an integrated platform that collects and moves data from preconstruction to construction, to handover and service. This is a great partner for our customers. We want to become the choice of the contractor, and technology helps us get there. We're going to go all in with CMiC."

"Prism Electric is a leader in its market, and we're proud to be able to provide dependable technology for their journey to achieve their growth goals" commented Taz Adamjee, Managing Director of Customer Success at

About Electric Electric, Inc. Prism Electric, established in 1994, is one of the largest electrical contractors in Texas, with offices in Oklahoma and Texas. The multimillion dollar company has performed high-level projects in the industrial, manufacturing, industrial and institutional sectors, healthcare, data centers and other high tech industries. Prism has one of the largest service departments in Texas that specialize in many facets, such aerial lighting, testing & commissioning, and an emergency response. For more information, visit

About CMiC, around 5% of the time. Founded in 1969 by a pioneer in the industry, CMiC delivers complete and unified ERP and FIELD solutions for construction and capital projects companies. CMiC's powerful software transforms productivity, minimize risk, and drive growth by planning and managing all financials, projects, resources and content assets. Using a Single Database Platform, the firms optimize productivity and minimize the costs TM - MC / X m. . CMiC serves half of North America's customers. Founded in 2000, MCic serves one-quarter of its customers in North American markets. Top 400 Contractors at ENR are ERN's Top 4 Contractor. Construction firms, from general to specialty contractors to high-level construction firms. For more information, please visit

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