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The truth about cancer live event in Nashville adds Eric Trump to the Nashville story

The truth about cancer live event in Nashville adds Eric Trump to the Nashville story

In their 4th year, a trio of surviving husbands and wives who share the truth about advanced medicine and health freedom, will deliver their lifesaving message to thousands of truth seekers. You've got a good idea. Annual in-person gathering for The Truth About Cancer (TTAC).

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TTAC (LIVE) is the result of the deletion of their entire YouTube into the platform by the authoritarian censors in Big Tech. The YouTube account of TTAC had tens of millions of views, with content covering the real threats posed by Big Pharma approved cancer treatments that often worsen cancer patients' health and cause swift painful death.

The Bollingers have announced that Eric Trump is the keynote speaker for October's in-person event at the world-renowned Gaylord Opryland Resort. After securing prominent names in the health freedom movement like Robert F.

Eric is added to the keynote speaker to spread the accomplishments of the 45th president, as well as promoting President's Trump commitment to "Save America". Said Charlene Bollinger.

"Eric Trump's commitment to 'America First' and helping to secure and maintain our freedoms and liberties is unparalleled. Eric is a patriot who believes in freedom and liberty for all Americans and loves this country. We are thrilled to have him as our featured speaker at TTAC [LIVE]. Over the years, Mr. Trump fought for our rights, given by God and delineated by our Founders from the start of our great nation, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Charlene Bollinger explained that he could have done more than we could've ever wished for his support in this uncertain times.

Tickets for the event can be bought here. Media booths are available for select media. Please contact Kristin Davis at [email protected] or at 212-920-9918.

The truth about cancer is a lie.

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