Sarah Henry, a Florida House candidate, reveals that voters are angry that abortion rights will be taken away

Sarah Henry, a Florida House candidate, reveals that voters are angry that abortion rights will be t ...

Sarah Henry talked to HL about her campaign and the issues she believes are important to her.

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Henry said she's been interested in politics for most of her life, coming from a family that talked about wage issues and fair labor and voting rights at the dinner table. "A politician has never asked me what keeps me up at night." She explained that many of the people she's talked to during her walk to the polls are open to discussing their concerns. There is no better way to know what people are struggling with than to ask them."

When we talked to voters, she explained that Roe v. Wade's overturning was a big issue. I've worked in reproductive rights organizing, and I was an abortion clinic patient escort, and I know how crucial it is to have safe, accessible, and affordable reproductive care, and we hear about it a lot when we're talking to folks. Folks of every political stripes are enraged that something so personal is taken away.

Henry recalls terrifying experiences being screamed at by anti-choice protesters in high school. My second reaction and certainly the longer-term reaction are disappointment. People who have not experienced it, or will not necessarily experience it, or don't care about people who need that kind of health care.

Now, trends are changing.

Henry is clearly motivated to keep fighting for reproductive rights, but she has also focused on other issues that Seminole County is facing, such as a housing affordability crisis that also ties into environmental issues. She explained that there are concerns about how quickly development is taking over natural spaces, while there are many local residents who cant afford to live in the buildings being built.

Henry encouraged young people to get involved in politics and community organizing towards the end of their conversation because of the new legislation that is being passed today. It is our burden to bear that people take action.

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