Melissa and Joe Gorga Explain Why They Left Teresa's Wedding To Luis Ruelas And Why They Didn't

Melissa and Joe Gorga Explain Why They Left Teresa's Wedding To Luis Ruelas And Why They Didn't ...

Joe Gorga, 42, the brother of Teresa Giudice, 50, and his wife Melissa Gorga, 43, who used to be best friends with Teresa, did not attend Teresas Aug. 6 wedding, according to Us Weekly. Their decision to withdraw from the event, which was held in East Brunswick, New Jersey, was largely due to something that they more or less blamed Teresa for.

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Melissa explained that there was a lot of drama that she couldn't help but notice. There were occasions when certain individuals might have been quite terrifying, but there were definitely moments. She said that she and Joe agreed that it would be quite strange to witness whatever happened on set and then go to the wedding like nothing happened.

Teresa's apparent 13-year resentment for joining The Real Housewives of New Jersey was the underlying issue that sparked a wedge between the threesome. I disagree with that. I know you're on a reality show, but why do you have to fight? I'm not jealous. Were not. Melissa said, It's unsettling.

Joe also slammed his sister for refusing to invite his friends to her wedding. It was one of the worst days of my life. But let me come back to the reunion. She did this, he said. This is what she really wanted, he said. She didnt want any of my children to be in the wedding. She barely wanted me. That is what she is depressed about.

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Joe and Melissa, who wed in 2004, said they know several things about Luis that rubbed them the wrong way, and that it would be strange for them to see him marry Teresa. A lot of things we know, but now Im sitting back Im not going to lie second-guessing, like, why?

In a series of pointed social media posts about family the night before Teresas wedding, Joe and Melissa discussed the events that occurred during the reunion. 'Blame doesnt make you family,' Melissa wrote in his Instagram Story. Joe also shared a video from a family gathering and said, "God blessed me with amazing family."

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Melissa talked about her tense relationship with Teresa in May and said she feels no guilt about it because she did everything she could to make it work. She later said, I just feel like I tried and Im okay.

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