Olivia Flowers Responds To Engagement Rumors Following WWHL's Debut

Olivia Flowers Responds To Engagement Rumors Following WWHL's Debut ...

Olivia Flowers is the latest member of the Southern Charm cast, and she's already made a lot of noise. Olivia made her first appearance on Watch What Happens Live! with co-star Kathryn Dennis, and engagement rumors began swirling after Olivia wore a glittery ring on her finger.

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Olivia was asked if she was engaged, and HollywoodLife spoke exclusively with her. For the record, Olivia is not engaged. No. No, no, no.

Olivia explained that she would replace her fingers if I could. I was so ecstatic at the time. I was like, What did I say to give up the engagement? And then sure enough, I saw the ring. I was like, OK, fine.

Olivia and Austen Krolls' relationship is doing well, despite there being no wedding on the way. Were in a fantastic place right now. We just got to know each other when cameras left, which made things easier.

Now, trends are making a comeback.

Austen's ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroy has been causing considerable tension throughout the first half of season 8. Olivia admitted that witnessing Austen's differing reactions to Madison was very disjointed and confusing for her. She did point out that once they split up, they rarely have to be around one another or interact with one another.

Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose of Southern Charm have broken up. Olivia said she's figuring it out as she goes. It's been difficult for her to do it with the public involved, and she's been doing well. Naomie [Olindo] is in New York this week to get back to basics.

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After Venita's birthday celebrations, Olivia and Venita Aspen cleared the air. It was super necessary. We obviously were having a tense time at all the other events that we were putting together that day, so I think it was crucial that we just had that time to sort out what the issue was. It was great. I apologized to her, and she apologized to me. Were we in a better place because of it, Olivia said.

Olivia is all-in about returning for season 9 of Bravo. I had a great time with it. Im not jaded yet, she told HollywoodLife. Thursdays at 9 p.m.

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