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The University of Silicon Andhra plans to build a World Class Campus in San Joaquin County

The University of Silicon Andhra plans to build a World Class Campus in San Joaquin County

The University of Silicon Andhra (UofSA) is excited to announce its plans to build a world class campus in San Joaquin County on Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The university Dhan Sukh LLC submitted a preliminary application to San Joaquin County to begin development of The Golden State Logistics Hub, - whose construction is proposed for 1.6 million acres with burgeoning university, logistics hub

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The project includes 67 acres of land for private, nonprofit, four-year and graduate universities to expand their degree offerings and reach within the community. Mike Sandhu, project's proponent, helped to recruit the accredited bay area university to San Joaquin County. The Sandhu family generously agreed to give the 67 acres to the UofSA.

Manii Sandhu, a mechanical engineer who spoke for the Sandha family, said: "The University of Silicon Andhra will bring new energy and educational innovation to the region" - "We will be able to "We see this project creating tangible opportunities for locals to study, learn and earn for their families."

Anand Kuchibhotla, president of UofSA, expressed his enthusiasm for this new project and all the support that it brought to the community. "UofSA is a diverse learning community that enables students to become scholar-practitioners and contribute to their local and global community with excellence, professionalism, and integrity," Kuchibhotla explained. "To expand our high-quality academic and research programs on the 67-acre site will allow us to uplift underrepresented students and the community."

The University of Silicon Andhra will now be able to expand to 5,000 students and 300 faculty and staff, as well as provide Vocational Training, Language Arts, Engineering, Business, Pharmacy, Medical and other degrees. A

Raju Chamarthi is excited about the societal, academic and economic opportunities this new partnership will provide. He noted that "We plan to bring this community with an expanded educational experience that is rigorous and relevant to all the people."

The community and elected leaders are excited about the proposed project. Asm is supporting the project. It's a big win for everybody to have the University of Silicon Andhra'S permanent home here in San Joaquin County. It will provide a high-quality education to broader students of underrepresented populations.

Robert Rickman, San Joaquin County Supervisor, declared his excitement about the new university, adding: "We live in a country where everybody should have an opportunity to get prestigious education." The education of children and the education necessary to prepare their children for the future. The growth of the city's economy and the continued growth. "Education, training and investment will attract a san Joaquin'm booming population."

Tom Patti, the chairman of the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors, was optimistic about the potential campus, saying "We're passionate about providing multiple pathways to success in Sanjoachi's County." We want to see local residents equipped to provide for their families and compete in the 21st century. Whether it be via a university degree program or if it is based on pursuing obliteration or trade, st. "It was a century."

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SOURCE University of Silicon Andhra of San Francisco.

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