Lara Trump claims that the FBI raided Melania's Wardrobe and Twitter replies

Lara Trump claims that the FBI raided Melania's Wardrobe and Twitter replies ...

Lara Trump retaliated against the FBI, citing a New York Post report that the FBI conducted an investigation at the former president Donald Trump's Mar-A-Lago residence. She clearly thought that the search was a violation and inappropriate, as she criticized it during an appearance on Fox News, but Twitter users had a field day mocking Melania in response.

Melania Trump: More information

Melanias wardrobe was discovered, according to Lara Trump.

Lara clearly felt that such a move was unnecessary, especially when they were given everything they wanted, but then the fact that no lawyers were allowed to accompany these individuals anywhere in Mar-a-Lago while theyre looking, doing whatever they want, apparently, as reported by the New York Post, going through Melanias wardrobe indicates that it is appropriate.

Melania Trump From: Stephanie Winston WolkoffRe: Justice & Accountability

After being phony framed to deny Melania and Donald, Trump's attorney advised me to do this.

Donald Trump denies abuse and fake information, but refuses to release a copy of the FBI's search warrant revealing what the FBI was looking for, what statutes they believe were violated, and what the judge signed off on. Our National Security is at jeopardy as a result of Trump's information handling.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania's former senior advisor, wrote a book on her experiences with the former president and first lady of the United States. Her message was inspired by an alleged exchange with a Trump attorney. She criticized Donald Trump for failing to disclose a copy of the search warrant.

Melania's wardrobe was searched, according to Lara Trump. Has Melania issued a statement written by another person yet?

The FBI unauthorizedly entered Melania's house. The papers were declassified.Trump collects records.They raided his safe. They rummaged Melania's wardrobe.FBI are Stalinists.FBI are Gestapo. FBI planted evidence.We won't show you the warrant.

The MAGA excuse wheel is a-spinning.

A number of people took to Twitter to criticize Trump supporters for using the wardrobe search as a motivation to discredit the search. One person asked if Melania had issued a statement on the search. Another listed the wardrobe as another reason to discredit the search.

The Internet is changing rapidly.

Melania's wardrobe has finally received the coverage it deserves.

Despite the outrage from his supporters, a few people joked about the FBI looking through Trump's wardrobe. One person wrote that Melania's fashion sense has finally received the attention it deserves in a tweet. Another person joked about the FBI agents' conversations while looking through her closet.

Donald took to his Truth Social platform to protest the search. Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before, he said in a statement. After working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies, this unannounced raid on my house was neither necessary nor appropriate.

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