These Franken Berry & Count Chocula Cookies Smell Like Old Fashion Cereals

These Franken Berry & Count Chocula Cookies Smell Like Old Fashion Cereals ...

Pillsburys Halloween cookies for 2022 have returned to the market faster than you can imagine, and your oven will be working overtime this year. The limited-edition cookies are pre-cut and ready to be popped into the oven for an easy treat between your Halloween apologies.

The newbies, after all, are well-known for their famous breakfast cereals. Well, these two giants are now taking their talents to the baking aisle (well, actually the refrigerated aisle). The images of the cereal icons are encased in a sugar cookie base, and are safe to eat raw.

Pillsburys Monster Shape Sugar Cookie Dough is now available at Walmart for $3.24 per box, with a price tag of $7 for two boxes. Keep an eye on the new products as they expand to other shops.

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Pillsbury's Pumpkin Shape Sugar Cookie Dough and Ghost Shape Sugar Cookie Dough are coming back this Halloween. On the Pumpkin cookies, there's a green and orange jack-o-lantern, while on the Ghost cookies, a friendly, waving ghost with a purple outline.

Pillsbury is bringing back its ready-to-bake Salted Caramel Apple Cookie Dough and Pumpkin Cookie Dough, which have all of the fall flavors you love, without the halloween scares. The Pumpkin Cookie Dough has chunks of cream cheese for a pumpkin cheesecake sensation.

All of the seasonal delights will be available for a limited time, so grab a new Halloween platter and get started baking.

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