I Bleached My Eyebrows Like Dove Cameron, And Both Of Us Recommend It

I Bleached My Eyebrows Like Dove Cameron, And Both Of Us Recommend It ...

Bleached eyebrows are having a major moment. While celebs are testing out various degrees of bleached or, in the case of Doja Cats, totally nonexistent eyebrows, fans have mostly seen the final product and rarely seen the actual procedure of eyebrow bleaching at home. I totally agree with Dove Cameron. Back on March 19, 2020, I bleached my own eyebrows.

Watching Dove Cameron bleach her eyebrows on TikTok put me on a roller coaster of emotions. On one hand, I totally understand why Cameron was choosing to do it, but on the other hand, DIY brow bleaching is a really risky move as both of us learn the hard way.

Cameron's brow journey began when and where it most likely goes: late at night, in a bathroom with a friend hyping her up. Alongside Valentina Cy, and with Avril Lavigne and Doja Cat blasting in the background, Cameron began the DIY project. Don't do literally anything that we did in this video we did everything wrong.

When you jump into the picture, choices are made. The bleach Cy and Cameron chose for the experiment is a regular drugstore bleaching kit you can find at any CVS, Walgreens, or pharmacy you go to whenever you have a hair dyeing craving. I would guess they used the Splats Bleach Kit since it includes straightforward instructions, an applicator, and gloves, and it was what I used to bleach my eyebrows.

The doubt seemed to creep in as Cy said and applied her first dose of bleach. I understand how both young women looked at her strawberry blonde. At this point in the video, Cameron mentioned that the sun was coming up, and that it was time to apply the second dose.

The reality of what Cy and Cameron said after the second bleach process was over, I dont like it, I dont like, and this is terrible. I can honestly say I felt the exact same way when Cy tried to get her back up. We do indeed look good, according to Cy. Since the first experiment, Camerons have come around.

Cameron embraced the look once the damage was healed. On Wednesday, Aug. 10, the musician shared a picture on Instagram with the caption Fab. Her brows are pretty evenly blonde, almost impossible to see, and, all glammed up, her vibe is very modelesque.

I never really got around to it. Still, I have since repeated the process three times hoping for better results. Luckily, if Cameron does change her mind about her bleached brows, she does so without hesitation.

Don't miss a chance.

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