Wait, Does That Riverdale Reference In PLL Indicate A Crossover?

Wait, Does That Riverdale Reference In PLL Indicate A Crossover? ...

The PLL: Original Sin episode also made a very interesting reference to Riverdale, as if the episode had no other surprises.

Tabby and Imogen explore Rosewood and the Radley Hotel, previously the Radley Sanitarium, and get some answers from an OG PLL character, Radley orderly Eddie Lamb. Imogen and Tabby want to know more about Angela Waters, the girl who died at a Y2K party their mothers attended, an event that seems to be A's reason for torturing them.

When Eddie Lamb, who still works at Radley, tells the new Liars that Angela Waters' mother was moved from the Radley to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy when the sanitarium was closed and turned into a hotel. Riverdale fans immediately realized what was happening and went to Twitter to explain the layers of this easter egg.

The Sisters of Quiet Mercy has been a long-time partner in Riverdale's weird twists and turns, much like Radley was in the original Pretty Little Liars. It's a nunnery, but specifically one that houses troubled adolescents and Angela Waters' mother.

Polly Cooper, Charles Smith, and Penelope Blossom, among other characters, spend time with the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Cheryl Blossom had a brief stay with these twisted nuns, and Betty Cooper had a quick stay that connected to the Gargoyle King plot in Season 3.

This short reference to the long-running CW series sparked a lot of speculation about a possible collaboration with the new Original Sin series. (Come on, who doesnt want to see Archie Andrews in Rosewood?) The shows do share an executive producer, which might alleviate the logistical strain of attempting a crossover of so many complex and complex mysteries.

But don't be too tempted to make your hopes high, because Aguirre-Sacasa himself isnt so adamant about the connection. In a truly bizarre response to a question about whether Original Sin exists in the same universe as Riverdale, Aguirre-Sacasa told TVLine, I think it does. We kind of just wrote that line [about the Sisters of Quiet Mercy] in. I assumed that we wouldnt be permitted to reference Riverdale since it was

Although this unanswered question may not inspire a lot of confidence in viewers, supporters can still hold out hope that the anticipation over a crossover will spur the artists to continue to make the easter eggs next time.

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