The Original Sin For TikTok Is Pretty Big From Ash From PLL

The Original Sin For TikTok Is Pretty Big From Ash From PLL ...

New Liars in PLL: Original Sin, Ash, is beginning a relationship with her, a caring community leader at Millwood High. Ash is a member of the LGBTQ+ group on campus. Here's all you need to know about Jordan Gonzalez, a TikTok player.

Gonzalez made a name for himself on TikTok, gaining over 93,000 followers and 1.5 million likes, despite only having 28 videos on the platform. His most popular videos include edits showing his transformation and educational videos about his experiences being trans, from the microaggressions to the gender euphoria.

Jordan Gonzalez's performance as Ash should not be a radical move, but it is a fairly unusual one, considering Hollywood has a history of casting transgender actors as characters. Hopefully, this will clear the path for other positive casting decisions.

Although Gonzalez is new to acting, PLL: Original Sin isnt his first experience on TV. Here's what you should know about him.

Jordan Gonzalez's Career

Gonzalez' television career began in 2021 with The L Word: Generation Q, in which he played Hugo as his supporting character. In interviews and on socials, Gonzalez first appeared in a short film called Meta, in which his character goes to prom and gets his period. In spring 2020, he told the magazine QTYPE, "I think it's really important and innately a passion of mine to also tell those trans-identity stories."

Jordan Gonzalez's TikTok and Instagram are now available.

Gonzalez is very active on Instagram, posting pictures from the set, from casual dinner shots to funny shots at their trailers. On Twitter and Reddit, fans are already sending Mouse and Ash and calling them Mash, so Gonzalez is expected to become even more popular as HBO Max gets closer to release.

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