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Results of TEM program at the moment the upcoming results will be notified

Results of TEM program at the moment the upcoming results will be notified

VANCOUVER, BC, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- -- "Caution" -- September 14, 20, 2121 -- c'est--dire -- the day of the first Lithium South Development Corporation (LDS) is a Litium-South Development Company. The University of the Philippines, announces the completion of a Time Domain Electromagnetic (TEM) program at the North Lithium Project, Salta Province, Argentina. Quantec Geoscience Argentina S.A. conducted the program, completing 133 stations and surveyed the whole package of areas. The results of the survey will be available in two weeks.

The results of this survey will provide three-dimensional information on the aquifer depth potential. The project has identified a measured and indicated lithium resource at the Tramo claim block, one of six areas contained in the project package. The claim blocks are located near the property under development or currently in lithium production. The TEM program provides additional coverage of Alba Sabrina, Natalia Maria, Gaston Enrique, Norma Edit and Via Monte, which The northern claim groups border the landowner of a nuclear mine in Korea, where he constructed tens of thousands of tons of lithium-mines. The southern group adjoins the ground owned by Livent, which is currently producing lithium from this area.

The TEM program is designed to provide hole location guidance for the planned 2,000-meter drill program, with the aim of expanding the total project lithium resource, which is currently based only on the Tramo claim block.

The program is part of the Company's development strategy for the Hombre Muerto North Lithium Project. Management has taken a fast-track approach to moving the project to simulated feasibility study, with EPA currently underway. The Company is evaluating three types of direct lithium extractor technology, along with conventional evaporation extraction.

About Quantec Geoscience Argentina S.A. About Argentinian S-As S,A, Quantc The Earth Sciences S & Sciences. .

Quantec Geoscience is a recognized leader in the industry with experience spanning over 40 countries with over 5000 geophysical projects. Quantec has a vast experience in qeophysical services for the evaluation of salars in Puna, Argentina.

About Lithium South About East Asia.

Lithium South is working on the project Hombre Muerto North Lithiium Project (HMN Li Project), located in the Hmo Salar, a major lithium-producing salar in Argentina. The company completed a Preliminary Economic Assessment of the HMN Li Project in 2019, using conventional evaporation extraction. The Company plans to become renowned in the application of direct Lithium Extraction technology at the project

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