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Now Available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store

Now Available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store

Today we announce that the American Catur Board Game and App has finally entered the sports arena. The world's greatest chess players call the world all the best to challenge the chess player and amateurs to all of the players' talent and talents. Warcraft used to create war machines. In the end, the battle is final. The world has been waiting for the newest evolution of Chaturanga and American Catur sure fits the bill as the modernized version of the millennium! Experience your strategy with an immersive experience of fighting your opponent, launching projectiles and allowing you to get to the fun. Free trial today, online or in the Apple Store or Google Play.

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Bringing this game in to your life is a way of bringing together family, friends and strangers as solitary friends for enlightening experience. What we should strive for and celebrate is our founding ideals: equality, freedom, self-governance. We are the heritage and the purpose that we share as a nation. Reveling these ideals and our commitment to them is the only way to bring together people. By playing American Catur as a traditional tabletop or as an digitally accessible device, you can earn en position in an elite fighting force. You can train your brain and transform your life by testing your strategy skills with a team or without collaborating in re-imagining the world around you.

"Success is creating a game where everyone around the world enjoy and bring back those forgotten memories of happiness and fun with smiles and laughter once again." - / "The world will ever be Eric J Curtis


The American Catur Board Game was created here in America through a five-year design and development period. The board game was released in the fall of 2019 by Eric Curtis, CEO and Creator. He thought it would be important for the American to have our own traditional game to mark this historic point in time. The game was designed to modernize the four players rules and amplify Chaturanga to our time period with the pieces representing Military forces; while preserving the principles of piece-coordination, strategies and bomb strikes, the aim Experience over two or three times more different move combinations than chess with the introduction of extra spaces, projectile chips, dice, and the ability to play two teams of two. This game provides unlimited options to win. Is there any opponent who can play? No worries, the app is available on Android and Apple. It allows you to play against the opponent. War machine. help you understand your skills. There are 128 spaces on board with 30 pieces each side and a number of projectiles. One of the most important American Catur strategy is that you should put each piece and projectile in the best possible position before the final strike (Game-Over).

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