Galaxy Attack is potentially addictive for free rather than $0.99

Galaxy Attack is potentially addictive for free rather than $0.99 ...

This article would not have been published for ahair's breadth. This is because the premium version of Galaxy Attack has captivated me for far too long. That's why I'm featuring this space shooter in our latest Coffee Break issue.

Galaxy Attack is my favourite free app recommendation of the day, and it really sucked me in when I played it.

After seeing one of the first screenings of the new sci-fi horror film, NOPE, yesterday, I'm secretly hoping for a new alien boom in the media business. If you're also waiting for us to look above the sky again soon, you can sweeten your waiting time with Galaxy Attack.

Is it worth it to purchase Galaxy Attack (Premium)?

Space shooters have a long history on consoles and computers. Many, many years ago, I discovered the shooter "DOVE" on a CD with free games, and was hooked right away. Galaxy Attack basically does the same thing but without touch controls. With your finger, you direct a spaceship that constantly shoots at enemy spaceships.

The premium version is ad-free. Armor-ups include additional spaceships, powerful weapons, and shields, all of which look cool and have their own weapons.

Is it safe to download Galaxy Attack?

The numerous trackers in the mobile game may leave a bad taste. According to Exodus, there are 11 permissions, but they aren't unusual. Exodus does not display an exclamation mark for particularly critical trackers or permissions.

Galaxy Attack is a fun shooter that will last you for a few hours. I wouldn't necessarily spend money on it, but that's why it's worth the cost of a free download.

In the comments, let me know what you think of Galaxy Attack! Do you like the many trackers in the mobile game or just don't care?

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