More Whole Foods stores now accept Amazon's One palm scanning payment

More Whole Foods stores now accept Amazon's One palm scanning payment ...

It may take just a few seconds to grab your groceries or clothes the next time you shop. Amazon has expanded itsOne contactless payment system using palm-reading technology to more Whole Food Stores in California. The biometric system was first launched in Seattle last year, but has seen rapid adoption by customers and will expand to more branches in the coming weeks.


What is the difference between Amazon One and the palm scanning technology?

If you want to setup an Amazon One account that supports apalm-based payment, Amazon says it will take less than a minute. Customers will only need to swipe their credit card and have their palm scanned by an aOne device. You will also need to add your Amazon Prime member ID to receive discounts and rewards every time you visit a Whole Foods or Amazon Go store.

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Amazon's One contactless payment is currently available to a few cities in New York, Austin, LA, and Seattle. It will be available in other cities in California, including Sacramento, San Francisco Bay, Orange County, Santa Cruz, and other areas.

Palm prints are now available in the cloud.

Amazon explained that its Amazon One device does not store customer biometric data locally. These images are encrypted and sent to the cloud server before they even generate your unique palm signature. However, if you decide to remove your biometric data from the system, Amazon has the option of ending your subscription at any retailer where the Amazon One device is available.

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Amazon had planned to extend the palm-based payment beyond its retail stores, such as sports stadiums and concert venues. However, several organizations have criticized the move due to concerns about misuse or possible hacking of customer data.

Do you think that biometric payments such as this palm scanning would eventually replace other payment alternatives such as NFC or QR code scanning in the future?

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