Sistas Season 4 Episode 22 Recap [Season Finale] [Make Him Great]

Sistas Season 4 Episode 22 Recap [Season Finale] [Make Him Great] ...

The most dramatic episode of Sistas' fourth season ended. The final episode, titled Make Him Great, was a spectacular one that kept us on the edge of our seats. Again, the sequence between Preston and Danny and the confrontation between Fatima and the Senators' wife were powerful. will bring you the finale of Sistas (Season 4 Episode 22.)

Zac opens the finale with his response to the Senators' wife's proposal and her threats to jail her. Fatima joins Andi as she laments Hayden's threats against Zac. Although Fatima tells Andi that Zac is a decent man, she sometimes doubts his judgment. Andi offers Karen some sound advice on reclaiming the property and car.

Zac summons Jake to his house and confides in him about the Senators wife asking him for sex. Unexpectedly, Fatima advises Zac to accept the Senators wife's offer, but he refuses to stay. Fatima appears at the door and confronts the senators wife as Zac tries to escape.

PT. 3: OH!!!! She's so spooked. I doubt she'll ever say anything! #SistasonBET #Zatima

In the midst of an argument, Bayo realizes that Danni is a particular ethnic group in his country, which explains his interest in her. Sabrina agrees and begins to believe him as he shows her images of the people in question.

Logan continues his inquiry and visits Danni at work to see if she has spoken to Sabrina about it. She fakes the fact that she didn't speak to Sabrina, but she acknowledges that she can't just be silent toward her friend. Preston arrives and informs Danni that he is leaving the city and returning to his own land.

As Sabrina updates him on the most recent Bayo scandal, he declares his love for her before reversed course and boarding the jet.

Karen might be feeling down while working with Pam in the store, which is still popular. Pam notices that she is bleeding, which might lead to a heartbreaking tale for the next season. The show planned the Karen pregnancy plot for the following season, but overall, this episode fell short.

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