Release Date and Where To Watch Previous Seasons of Mob Psycho 100?

Release Date and Where To Watch Previous Seasons of Mob Psycho 100? ...

Mob Psycho 100 will be renewed for a third season, and the date has already been set. The mob, a schoolboy with psychic abilities, tries to keep his schedule healthy while pursuing his career as an exorcist in the series.

Mobs' emotions are becoming more volatile as opposing sides of spirits, psychics, and con-artists attempt to deceive him.

Viewers are extremely positive about the series. The anime's characters and antiheroes are fantastic. The voice acting is fantastic for the characters and personalities.

The harmonious marriage of seriousness and humor increases the anime's overall quality. The animation is exceptional; it's so unique. The plot is engaging and well-paced. Let's talk about the third season and a sneak peek.

Release Dates for Mob Psycho 100 Season 3

Season 3 of Mob Psycho 100 will be released on October 5, 2022 in Japan. Crunchyroll has previously stated that the new episodes would be streamed alongside their overseas release, so if you're looking to catch up on the season, you'll now know where to look.

A brief preview of the upcoming season accompanying the release date. The scene at the end of the clip, with the mob growing up and standing, gave viewers a sense of anticipation for the next season.

The opening sequence for the season is spectacular. And they have always been renowned for having one of the finest openings. The teaser for the season is incredible. Check it out below.

Takahiro Hasui is the artistic director of the season, with Yuzuru Tachikawa serving as the chief director. The main cast and crew are returning to reprise their roles in the upcoming season, as seen from the video.

Season 3 of Mob Psycho 100: Synopsis

Shigeo Kageyama, or Mob, is a youngster who struggles to express himself and who happens to be a powerful esper. The mob is determined to live a normal existence and keeps his ESP hidden, but when his emotions reach a level of 100%, something terrible happens to him!

What will Mob think when he is surrounded by deceptive espers, evil spirits, and mysterious organizations? What choices will he make?

Where Can I See Previous Seasons Of Mob Psycho 100?

What about a second binge-watch of the seasons because the show will pick up where the previous season left off? Be certain if you plan to watch previous seasons of Mob Psycho 100 before seeing the next season.

Crunchyroll and Netflix now have two amazing services to watch the series.

Crunchyroll will broadcast the anime [Season3] in Japanese with English subtitles and an English dub as it began broadcasting in Japan, excluding Asia. On Saturday, the first two episodes were shown at the Crunchyroll Expo convention.

What do you expect from the next season? Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below. It's certainly going to be a wonderful ride. Stay tuned!

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