Justin Bieber discusses racism while performing on his recent Norway tour

Justin Bieber discusses racism while performing on his recent Norway tour ...

Justin Bieber has officially resumed his world tour after being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Fans saw the singer perform at the International Justice Conference in Trondheim, Norway, and he took to the stage to talk to his followers about his Justice album and the purpose and purpose of the same. He also shared a part of the small speech that he gave at the said concert.

In his address, the Baby singer also discussed racism and said, "We wanted to create an intentional moment." A moment of unity, acceptance, and belonging is for us to all be one. We understand that racism is wrong.

Justin Bieber reminded supporters that they have the responsibility to do better. We, as individuals, are the difference-makers. We are the ones to stand behind our brothers and sisters and make a difference. So Im so grateful to have each and every one of you here tonight being a part of this message and being a part of this journey.

Check out the singer's entire address here.

Justin Bieber said he would return for his stage tour after suffering with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome a month ago in June this year. Earlier, he had postponed his Justice World Tour after getting diagnosed with the condition until further notice.

After taking some time off to recover from the face-paralysis disorder, Justin Bieber took to Instagram to express how much she loved her husband. She captioned the picture with many emojis.

Justin Bieber shared an important message with his followers while uploading a video of his Justice Tour earlier. It's so wonderful to be here. We've all been there, no matter what you're wearing, regardless of your size, ethnicity. We're all here to make difference, and I want to extend my thanks to everyone who participated.

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