As he collaborates with a company, BTS Jin starts working as a game planner; Watch VIDEO

As he collaborates with a company, BTS Jin starts working as a game planner; Watch VIDEO ...

The oldest member of the Bangtan Boys is reportedly planning for a desk job, according to Maple Story Korea. During the conversation, a member of the team has joined the team as an intern while demonstrating his interest and desire for becoming a new employee.

According to reports, the game appears to be Mr. Worldwide Handsomes' favorite because he had previously expressed his admiration for the characters and joined the other BTS members to develop custom characters.

The official teaser for the unversed was discussed on August 10, 2022, when BTS member Jin could be seen heading to the office dressed in a formal outfit with a sweater on it. Then we get to see him standing in front of the high building with his final step and admiring its glass figure. So, the singer finally makes his way for the first day of his career as a Mapler or an office warrior. He also can hear him saying at the end that he is going to work!

Check out Jins' first day at work as a teacher.

Fans gathered up to know more before making his work there. Earlier, the BTS member teased his job by sharing a cute photo of Jin with the game characters. Besides that, he revealed his own resume for the same project, which he proudly described as a BTS member.

The drama will be released in two parts on August 16 and 18 of every year.

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While Jin is busy with his office duties, other BTS members are also busy with their individual projects. For example, J-Hope is planning to release the limited-edition vinyl of Jack in the Box, his solo album, in December. Moreover, the world is currently reeling from the beats of Bad Decisions featuring the BTS members and Snoop Dogg, which was recently released.

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