Chael Sonnen praises Luke Rockhold as a "a bada**" for his failure to defeat Paulo Costa

Chael Sonnen praises Luke Rockhold as a "a bada**" for his failure to defeat Paulo Costa ...

In a nearing match, Luke Rockhold will face Paulo Costa, and Chael Sonnen applauds the bada** Rockhold for his performance.

The former middleweight champion's worst stretch of his mixed martial arts career is currently being witnessed by him. He has only fought three times since his knockout defeat to Michael Bisping in 2016; during those fights, he defeated David Branch by a technical knockout, but lost several matches to Yoel Romero and Jan Blachowicz.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Chael Sonnen examined the 185-pound event and praised Luke Rockhold for agreeing to take on the risky Costa:

There is a way to defeat Paulo Costa, but so far, only one man has demonstrated it. Its just an interesting fight, because there is a way to defeat Luke, but you need incredible strength and you must find that spot. Paulo Costa has two of those tools.

Luke has been absent for a slew of time, and he is confronting the Terminator directly. I believe that the character of Luke Rockholds is absolutely wrong. Luke doesn't get along with anyone.

Sun is remained in his skepticism while acknowledging his victory against Rockhold, the former middleweight chmpion.

Wtch the video below to see wht The Americn Gngster hd to sy bout the upcoming fight:

Is there anything to win for Pulo Cost?

Pulo Cost is poised to defeat Luke Rockhold for his first two wins in the sport cme bck-to-bck. But what would victory men for Brzilin, the 31-yer-old boy?

Although the former middleweight chmpion of Strikeforce nd the UFC is not currently rnked in the competition, he is rgubly the most well-known fighter in the weight clss than Isrel Adesny. Currently rnked No. 6, Borrchinh bck would likely establish importnt contests with the top fighters in the weight clss.

On August 20, Slt Lke Citys Vivint Aren and UFC 278 will take the welterweight chmpionship mtch between Kmru Usmn and Leon Edwrds s wells Rockhold vs. The second min event of the evening will be Cost.

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