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ADCOLOR Announces 2021 FUTURES Class

ADCOLOR Announces 2021 FUTURES Class

NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2021 -- ADCOLOR announced its 20-21 class of FUTURES. A program that builds on the motto "Rise up, Reach Back", identifies and nurtures the next generation of leaders who have one to three years of industry experience. The program provides training, mentorship and empowerment to selected young professionals with the aim of supporting the talent of tomorrow, today.

The FUTURES program celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2012. It was launched in 2012 and was able to promote the program in the year 2012. thy kings are enlightened by the savage ayurved. This year marks its 50th anniversary. The highly competitive program saw a 15 percent acceptance rate, with only 30 young professionals selected to participate in the 2021 class after extensive application and interview process. The chosen were strong leaders, sustained involvement in reaching back, interest in partnering with leaders to drive change through DE&I initiatives and innovative thinking to solve today's problems.

Detailed information is provided below.

"The selection process for the incoming class of FUTURES is something we're excited to attend each year," said Deepti Turlapati, co-chair of the Planning Committee for ADCOLOR. "The applicants never cease to inspire us, and there's no limit to what these young professionals can accomplish." After countless hours reviewing their impressive applications and conducting nearly 135 interviews, we know this year's class isn't just here to pull up, they're here for level up."

"The formula of the FUTURES program is what sets the program apart from other programs," said Nicole Dei, co-chair of ADCOLOR's planning committee and Ms. ADCOOR 2021. Currently, a program for the next generation of leaders is expected to be curated for 2019 FUTURE. FUTURES 2021 come from various industries. I can't wait for them to bring their unique perspectives, flex their skills and bring them authentic selves to the ADCOLOR family and community."

The 30 FUTURES will be tasked with a special education, aka ADCOLOR University, presented by Disney Advertising Sales and Omnicom Group. FUTURES are able to achieve business goals, improve their performance in corporate settings, excel in professional environments and take control of their career paths. The specialized programming, organized around and during ADCOLOR Annual Conference and Award Show, helps the FUTURES develop hard and soft skills to excel as leaders.

The incoming class also participates in the annual FUTURES Hackathon. Apple's this year'll hackathon with a theme of "Pull Up for Accountability". The Hackathon brief is an attempt to address the social justice issues that emerged in the future. The brief calls for brands to transcend hollow words and apply tangible action. This brief will make individual teams different from one another and give them a specific Teams receive limited time to finalize their solutions and must present it to a panel of judges, helping them to sharpen their skills in collaboration, design thinking and rapid prototyping.

"Since 2012, I witnessed the force that is the FUTURES and the footprint that this program has left on the industry 10 years later," said Criseli Saenz, director of ADCOLOR Programs. "Over the past decade, we identified more than 300 bright and undeniably talented individuals out there who have the thinking and skills that will push us into tomorrow. The idea of FUTURES to get access to ADCOLOR's network of industry leaders changed. Those who want access with the network are now "their influence is tangible; what started as an opportunity for UFTUREs

For more information about the FUTURES program, visit For more updates on the organization, follow ADCOLOR on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

ABOUT ADCOLOR, ACCORDED TO ADLOOR. ADCOLOR is a non-profit 501(c) (6) organization that has the mission to promote diversity in the creative industries. Our process is double. First, we help individuals and organizations RISE UP, letting their accomplishments and ideas shine. We teach these new leaders and would-be-mentors how to REACH BACK and find others who deserve recognition and promotion. We want to create a community of diverse professionals who support and uplift each other. Learn more by visiting

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