Keke Palmer's Adult Acne Battle Is Getting Started: Im Im Tired Of It

Keke Palmer's Adult Acne Battle Is Getting Started: Im Im Tired Of It ...

Keke Palmer expressed some regrets! She talked candidly about her treatment of adult acne and asked why there isn't a cure for it.

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Palmer, 28, wrote in a sincere tweet on Instagram on Wednesday, August 10, that she is tired of having to deal with the skin condition. Good Morning, I was just thinking about the fact that plastic surgeons are fantastic.

Doctors are able to figure out how to clear someones skin. They can provide you with a boob job, liposuction, tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lifts, and even implant muscles, according to Palmer. Are you serious?

After all of these years and all of these inventions, the native of Illinois went on, and you cant figure out how to take the amazing skin from my ass and hang it on my face? Im sick of it. Ive completed it. There are many adults who suffer from acne, but haven't found a treatment for it yet? Im going through.

Palmer wrote in the caption that she woke up and chose VIOLENCE, expressing her annoyance. We also want a quick fix; my homegirl is leaving the hospital the same day with a dunk. Whats tea? I also want IMMEDIATE results.

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All these yers went on to sy! You wnt to know where the rel money is, plstic surgeons? ACNE CLEARING UP.

She is unable to go on hering dvice rather than get the PERFECT diet, like to get n expensive fcil every other dy, dding, Give us the plstic surgery feared for, nd mke it possible for blck skins well. I need the dul love. The Alice str wracked up her messge by pleding with her to give us the plstic surgery was begging for.

In the comments section, Plmers supporters followed him.

One of Plmers supporters wrote, THIS!!!!. Speking for those of us who have a problem, Keke, second dmirer wrote. A third dded: Although these surgeons do not hve the cure for cne, your skin looks so hydrating, glowing nd supple!!!

The film strhs previously spoken cndidly bout her skin problems.

Plmer hd received PCOS, or polycystic ovrin syndrome, dignosis in December 2020. On The Tmron Hll Show, she discussed how the dignosis affected her skin in November 2021.

I got sick thts wht I ws deling with nd it nswered lot of the question, not only why I hd cne, but why I grow hir on my fce or under my chin, you know I hve low-key berd going on tht I hve to shve every couple of dys.

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Despite her difficulties, Plmer enjoys sharing her stories with others.

I ws expressing myself, please, please accept my pleas. Upon awakening, you ll have the courage to confess, so please explain to yourself how you feel about yourself in an attempt to be liberated. In this video, I am so honored to say thank you for all you have done, and for letting us know how you feel about yourself.

Plmer uplodes severl selfies showing off her bre skin without having to take a step back.

Hey guys, I know this might be little too personl for some of you, but my pltform hs lwys has been used for things much larger thn me. My polycystic Ovrin Syndrome hd has hd been ttcking me from the inside out.

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