Sandra Lees videos violated the site guidelines on YouTube against Dr. Pimple Popper

Sandra Lees videos violated the site guidelines on YouTube against Dr. Pimple Popper ...

Use your best judgment as a precaution, instead of using graphic materials.

Millions of people subscribe to Dr. The YouTube videos of Pimple Popper do not generate much money from advertising. When the owner of a pimple-popping YouTube channel claimed she lost a revenue stream worth roughly six dollars per month when the site said her content was too graphic to earn money.

Sandra Lee, the former director of the YouTube channel, admitted to Business Insider that she had difficulty making a huge amount of money from advertising on her YouTube channel, which has 7.5 million subscribers and over 5 billion views. According to Influencer Marketing Hubs, each YouTuber's worth is based on their estimation, which stated that for every 1,000 views she received on her videos, she would have made between $6 and $10 million. Between 2014 and 2016, she received approximately $100,000 per month in YouTube views. However, the website stated that her work was

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YouTubers like Lee receive $15 million to $25 million from their subscriptions owing to their videos, which they believe are a huge source of income for her. According to the Influencer Mrketing Hub, Lee could get $15 million to $25 million from those views. Depending on how many individuals uploding grphic or violent content, this risk may be severed. This includes footge or imgery, with bodily fluids, such s blood or vomit, which may pply to some of Lee

tht fter chnnel on YouTube is mde monetizble, and they will be targeted on its dvertiser-friendly content stndrds. However, the New York Post said that the forementioned videos were never demonetized, nd re still permitted to run dvertisements. Sponsors dvertisements tht hve chosen to run longside the above content will continue to do so.

Although Lees tend to get used to the ctegory well, this is the approach used to trget objectionble mteril nd discourge violence or trum. In the first paragraph, YouTube claimed that her videos could not be monetized, but 2016 revenue was narrowly followed, ccording to grphic obtined by Business Insider. Lee, who sserted tht on her YouTube account for her posts, said tht the purpose of her videos

Im relly proud of the fct tht kids now understnd wht lipom is or tht you cnt just squeeze cyst you hve to get the sck completely removed to get it removed. Were teching individuals bout psorisis or hidrdenitis, but how re people will lern if youre not motivated to get the tht content out?

Lee is dissatisfied with YouTube ctions becuse she feels tht by cting s verified uthority on dermtology, she is ssisting in the fight ginst medicl misinformtion. They suddenly chnged the rules, Lee sid, emphsizing tht sponsors didnt wnt to be associated with chnnel tht promoted blckhed removl.

tht TikTok, which includes over 15 million followers, is screeching to clmp down on content similr to Lees. A wrning regrding the content has now been revealed in some of her TikTok videos.

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