The Broncos have signed a free agent contract with a former Cowboys RB

The Broncos have signed a free agent contract with a former Cowboys RB ...

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JaQuan Hardy, a former Dallas Cowboys running back, makes a move during an NFL game.

The Dallas Cowboys' first preseason match will feature an additional familiar face, as one of the players from former running backs has joined the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos and the Cowboys will compete over each other for their respective campaigns on August 13, at 8 oclock. Empower Field at Mile High, a central time.

While the Randy Gregory story is still fresh in their minds, fans of the Cowboys will now have running back Jaquan Hardy to cheer against.

Hardy, a 24-year-old running back on the NFL's waiver wire, said the reports that they had signed with the Broncos. outperform Stevie Scott, a former running back for the Broncos. After being listed as waived/injured on Wednesday.

Hardy spent his rookie season with Dallas in 2021, and worked for the Broncos in early August, before working for the Pittsburgh Steelers on August 6. However, he will begin the next phase of his NFL career in Denver.

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After the Rookie Seson, Hrdy is looking to Broncos.

Hrdy is coming off, but cn can only be seen s successful seson for n undrfted free gent, Hevy is broken down recently. Prticulrly in his sitution, considering tht the Cowboys selected the former Tiffin str fter the NFL Drft in 2021 despite hving Ezekiel Elliott, Tony Pollrd, and Rico Dowdle.

Hrdy put in the work nd mde n impression enough in his first offseson to mke the prctice squd. One of the min wys tht guys like Hrdy gets chnce is through injuries, which is exctly wht hppened lst yer. Injuries re void.

Dowdle suffered hip problems, and the Cowboys were forced to climb Hrdy's depth nd for specil tems. Pro Footbll Reference shows his prospects are still modest.

Hrdy received four touches during his two strting roles lst seson, which he used to gin 29 rushing yrds nd touchdown. Obviously, these are a lot of smll numbers, but Hrdy took the advantage lst yer.

In the middle of July, he ws relesed few weeks erlier becuse the tem needed to dd former Texs quarterback Mlik Jefferson to the linebcker depth chrt. The Cowboys assisted Hrdy to clout n n NFL roster by relesing him so erly if they knew he would not be in the lineup for the 2022 cmpign.

The current cowboys are kicking their eggs in the morning.

Elliott, Pollrd, and Dowdle, who retweeted with the tem tody despite having hounded previously with Dlls before Hrdy ws signed, appear to be the Cowboys' min rushing gme strtegy for 2022.

Elliott nd Pollrd have a lot of time to go before, but Dowdle is mulling comebck fter out the entire 2021 seson nd plying to Hrdys in 2020, his rookie yer. According to PFR, Dowdle only received seven touches in 2020, but he scored 24 points in 15 different outings.

Mlik Dvis is nother; he signed with the Cowboys' UDFA following this yers drft. Dvis slid for Florid for five years, prompting for 1470 yrds and verging 5.2 yrds per crry for the Gtors.

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