Brooke Williamson, the winner of Top Chef, Discusses Recent Work, Season 20 Thoughts, and More (EXCLUSIVE)

Brooke Williamson, the winner of Top Chef, Discusses Recent Work, Season 20 Thoughts, and More (EXCL ...

The legendary Brooke Williamson is ranked among the most elite of her chef, including Richard Blais and Tiffani Faison. Season 10 of California finished second, and Season 14, which was later filmed in Charleston (and was a regular All-Star season, no less!).

So, where is Brooke Williamson right now?

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A former Top Chef contestant and spokesperson for Ziplocs Endurables, a new reusable version of the company's well-known food storage bags, was the subject of an exclusive interview with Distractify, to discuss the upcoming All-Star season, her favorite Top Chef memory, and her most recent endeavors.

After winning Top Chef, Brooke went on to compete and judge on Guys Grocery Games, win the first season of the Food Networks Tournament of Champions, and face off against Tiffani Faison in the Beachside Brawl, hosted by another Top Chef alumna Antonia Lofaso.

A well-seasoned chef has a lot of work in the works, but it's still a secret.

She said she expects to do something fun in the fall, but it hasn't been documented yet. So keep an eye on Food Network in a few weeks, so you might start hearing them.

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Brooke isn't competing on cooking competition competitions, but she and her husband, Nick Roberts, have a well-known Ply Provisions resturnt in Ply Del Rey.

Brooke is too fmilir with the chubbiness of food preservation in the kitchen, which is why she met Ziploc regularly to promote their new line.

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Ziploc Endurbles re line of silicone pouches nd continers mde to withstnd tempertures s low s -196 degrees Fhrenheit up to, techniclly, 425 degree oven, ccording to Brooke. Although the bgs hve ll the storge cpbilities, which include boiling, bking, and feces, they become even more useful. They re quite remrkble in

Brooke discusses her experience on Top Chef ndmits tht she is envious of the competitors in the next seson.

Even if she is in charge of competing for the winning title, Brooke vows to take advantage of those who aren't doing so. The seson will reportedly feature former contestants from the interntionl versions of the show, unlike the previous All-Str sesons.

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Although I wont be competing, im excited bout it becuse it will finlly bring together ll the foreign Top Chefs, she sid. This is the first time Europen Top Chef hs has been held. Therefore, in my opinion, Seson 20 is the idel time to do tht.

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Brooke discusses one of her most unmorble moments from competing for the top chef in the section tht following the dvertisement.

Brooke hs hs hs hd lot of experience on Top Chef, including trveling to Gudljr nd prepring mels for vriety of illustrious guest judges. But when it comes to memorble experiences, Brooke said tht climbing to the top of n Alskn glcier ws high point.

Ive seen a tumult of episodes, but Ill dmit tht one of my scriest experiences ws lso time tht Ill lwys remember s being extremely beutiful. And tht ws climbing glcier in Alsk using a helicopter to finish chllenge there, she said.

Im jeopardizingly sorry I did it in generl, but im thankful I had some good work done. When I made some adjustments, I thought I'd be more comfortable with traveling on board. However, I did not feel intimidated with the train, I figured it out. So, here's how I found myself able to fly off the coast of Ireland.

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