In five words, Charles Oliveira will triumph over Islam Makhachev at UFC 280

In five words, Charles Oliveira will triumph over Islam Makhachev at UFC 280 ...

This October, the UFC 280, one of the greatest MMA events in history, will be held, and in the main event, lightweight champion Charles Oliveira will fight against Islam Makhachev.

The winner wins the UFC lightweight title.

Charles Oliveira is set to face Islam Makhachev on October 22 in Abu DhabiWinner takes the UFC lightweight title

Because Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev are both on impressive victories, this fight promises to be fantastic. But who will prevail?

Do Bronx will triumph and reclaim the lightweight title, which he never gained in the octagon despite Makhachev's outstanding talent.

Charles Oliveira wins the UFC 280 for the following reasons:

#5. Islam Makhachev will face more pressure than Charles Oliveira.

Any fighter taking part in a UFC title match will certainly face a lot of pressure. After all, competing for gold inside the octagon indicates that a fighter has already reached its target goal and only needs to make one more push to do so.

On UFC 280, it is possible to argue that Islam Makhachev will be subjected to greater pressure than Charles Oliveira.

Do Bronx will undoubtedly fight tooth nd nil to reclime the title tht he never relly lost. But Mkhchev is under different kinds of pressure.

In addition to a hving fntstic winning strek of his own (10 consecutive wins dting bck to lte 2016), he is widely regrded s the successor to former chmpion Khbib Nurmgomedov.

Islm Mkhchev is seen assisting Khbib in his quest for the UFC chmpionships by fulfilling his fthers prophecy.

#UFCVegs49 | St 10pm | BT Sport 1 HD

I hve to finish wht my fther strted. For Khbib, seeing Islm Mkhchev succeed in the UFC mens tht his fthers prophecy hs come true.#UFCVegs49 | Sat 10pm | BT Sport 1 HD

The Dgestni hsnt hd ny fail to comply with his temmte nd mentor's high expectations, although the pressure to perform as The Egle did nd dominte his opponent will be gret in the title mtch.

Oliveir should put less pressure on him going into the fight, putting him in charge. Whether Mkhchev cn hndle tht pressure is still up in the ir.

The dys, Chrles Oliveir, is remrkbly resilient.

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