In a search for a sister, her mother claims she was assisting her in Ariellesmarriage

In a search for a sister, her mother claims she was assisting her in Ariellesmarriage ...

Tosha Jones makes a speech to her mother Teresa about her husband Sidian Jones' visit to Cambodia to visit his girlfriend, Arielle Jazmine Roque. Toshas' mother admits to her daughter that she was attempting to groom her friend in order to persuade her to join their polygamous cult.

Before Sidian and Arielle met, Tosha already knew Arielle.

Before introducing Arielle to Sidian earlier on Seeking Sister Wife, Tosha revealed that she was friends with the prospective wife. Arielle is a friend I made at work, probably four or five years ago now. In fact, I visited the Philippines on business and spent a lot of time with her.

Arielle continued to talk about her desire of simply having a date with Sidian for fun. Due to her fact that I have come to truly care about her as a person. She also fits the budget when it comes to who Id like as my sisters wife.

At Toshs' mother, Arielle is believed to be among the wowed knights she has christened.

From August 8, Tosh returns to Portlnd nd to discuss her bout with her husbnds new girlfriend. Teres hs has been outspoken against her dughters' polygmous lifestyle from the start.

Tosh revels tht they've hve been dting her friend Arielle nd tht her mother isn't keen to bout it. Polygmy is something tht Im not interested in, Teres declres to the cmers.

Tosh told her mother tht fter they strted tlking, and Arielle strened to the edge of polygmy. It's not cult, to which her mother responds, Thts how they groom them, Tosh. Teres says her, So you brought her into the cult.

Why does Tosh choose to be polygmist?

Teres pleads to the cmers about her uncertified bout her dughters dting options. She dmits to still needing time to fully copen it, sying, well, I dont understnd why they wnt to live in a polygmous lifestyle.

Teres does not understand her dughters resons for going to a polygmous mrrige, but believes that she understands where this wreath of life came from.

When Tosh ws was growing up, she swore to the cmers. I consequently shred home with my brother, his wife, and their kids. She continues, I relly think tht polygmy is probbly lot similr to the lifestyle tht Tosh grew up in.

If Toshs mother pproves of her plns or not, it would be great to turn it into Arielle nd's country on K-1 (fincee) vis. Wtchers will hve to tune in to learn how the Jones fmily ends.

Mondys t 10 p.m. Estern Time (EST) TLC nd discovery+ ir Seeking Sister Wife.

Where Can I See the Seson 4 Polygmist Fmilies of Seeking Sister Wife in Instgrm?

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