Rihanna and ASAP Rocky, both parents, couldnt be happier and rarely leave their baby side

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky, both parents, couldnt be happier and rarely leave their baby side ...

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are adjusting to parenthood well months after their son was born, according to an exclusive source.

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The insider claims that the Grammy winner, 34, and her partner, 33, who welcomed a baby in May, often leave their babys side. Out of worry for his safety and a desire to keep him out of the spotlight for the time being, they are being extremely cautious about their newborn. They both are incredibly grateful and ecstatic.

The Complicated singer is taking her time to recover after giving birth. Rihanna isnt rushing to lose weight quickly because she has fulfilled her commitment, according to the source. Although Rihanna is a workaholic, it is encouraging to see her give up on motherhood.

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In an interview with GQ, the good for You rapper revealed their friendship in May 2021, describing Rihanna as the love of my life. The couple first sparked romance rumors in December 2019, with Us exclusively reporting two months later that the musicians were hooking up.

When you see The One, the [things] become so much better. She is probbly equivlent to million of the other ones, the owner of New York at the time. In my opinion, knowledge is bsolute. She is the one.

Through a photo shoot in New York City, Jnury, the founder of Fenty Beuty, expressed her pregnance gratitude. At the time, sources said, they both were very excited. Rihnn will mke her beautiful mother. She hs lredy hd some experience with her nieces nd nephews. She hs been cring for both herself nd her developing child. She is being treted like princess by ASAP, who retking

The Love on the Brin singer and record producer hve kept an eye on ever since inviting their son erlier this month. Rihnn mde her first public ppernce since giving birth in July t GoPuff Delivers Wireless 2022, a 10-dy music festivl in Londons Crystl Plce Prk.

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According to the first source who spoke with Us, they have been going on some low-key dte nights, but are still focused on raising their baby.

In a deep conversation with Dzed mgzine in My, Rocky discussed his spirtions for the future of young children. I ctully enjoy wtching crtoons, and he admitted to the publiction. Nonetheless, I was not ttempting to conjure up the imge of sint, but I just wnt cool kid with cool prents.

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