Kevin Durant's trading interests are being investigated by the Philadelphia 76ers and the Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant's trading interests are being investigated by the Philadelphia 76ers and the Brooklyn N ...

Getty is in his tenth year of operation.

Both Tobias Harris and Kevin Durant, respectively, are trying to score in the Philadelphia 76ers.

Kevin Durant, the Brooklyn Nets' 12-time All-Star forward, met with Joe Tsai over the weekend and gave him a choice: trade him, or terminate Sean Marks, the teams general manager, and coach. The Athletic received the first news, according to Joe Tsai, in a public tweet. The Nets' front office and coaching staff are still supportive of the news.

In a tweet, I help the coaching staff and front office personnel. Tsai promises that the Brooklyn Nets will decide what she expects.

According to sources, Tai and the Nets have publicly stated that they will demand every last piece of equipment from a team that acquires Durant through trade.

According to Charania, the Boston Celtics, the Toronto Raptors, and the Miami Heat are the three major teams competing for Durants services. On August 10, however, reports found a new team was a surprise addition to the mix for the handsome star.

The Phildelphi 76ers Might Pursue Durnt

The Phildelphi 76ers are nother surprise in the Durnt sg, if you thought there were no more fter sking for Mrks nd Nshs dismissl. In Begley's stted tht Durnt, Phildelphi faces a potentil trde loction.

So wht follows? Its importnt to note tht, ccording to people fmilir with the sitution, in ddition to Boston, Durnt lso views Phildelphi's welcome lnding spot, wrote Begley.

The Nets have been very loyal to Durnt and they have wnt n All-Str in exchnge for the 76ers. Jmes Hrden or Joel Embiid may be included in the del, but Tyrese Mxey may be included in the del, according to Begley.

Given the dynmics t ply, Tyrese Mxey would lmost certinly need to be prt of trde for Durnt. tht Tobis Hrris, Mtisse Thybulle, and other plyers/drft picks would be included.

Is Durnt a Phildelphi Mke Sense?

Won't Jmes Hrden's second meeting take place in Phildelphi? It's crucil to keep in mind tht Hrden's nnoynces in Brooklyn were directed thn Kyrie Irving nd his bsence thn Durnt. They re still close nd were recently spotted together in London t the Trvis Scott concert. It shouldnt be too hrd to mend tht reltionship. In the

For Durnt, the Phoenix Suns, Boston Celtics, and the Phildelphi 76ers are not the best trde prtner for Durnt. A report reveals more ttention.

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