Stars who made it through abuse

Stars who made it through abuse ...

Over the years, many Hollywood A-listers have shared their abuse histories, whether they were victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, or another type of torture.

Jessica Simpson described being sexually abused as a kid in her 2020 memoir, stating, "I'll start with tickling my back, then go into things that were awful."

We never returned to the house of my parents friends, but we also avoided discussing what she had said, according to the author.

Simpson confronted her accused attackers later and admitted that she had forgiven them.

I would say that she was confronted almost eight years ago, and that she was the one who was a fan of the internet.


Clare Crawley, a former winner of The Bachelor, has also been open about abuse.

A California-based hairstylist revealed me during a visit to The View on September 2021, and I was a victim of a predator.

Crawley, who played briefly in Season 16 of The Catcher, was the lead.

Scroll down to see the testimony of well-known survivors like Tyra Banks, Jessica Simpson, and Mary J. Blige.

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