Vince McMahon, a veteran of the WWE, claims that he got off on people who he was dubbed a "matter."

Vince McMahon, a veteran of the WWE, claims that he got off on people who he was dubbed a "matter." ...

Vince Russo claims that Vince McMahon had no problems getting the WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, awkward.

In the late 1990s, Russo served as the company's head writer. He then worked directly for McMahon and co-written RAW with Ed Ferrara.

Russo spoke on Sportskeedas' The Wrestling Outlaws program, citing McMahon's inciting violence among WWE employees.

Russo said that when someone enters and the door opens, Vince Chris takes center stage. It's unbelievable, Chris Featherstone. [7:57-8:15]

McMahon seemed to be interested in the fact that his staff feared him, according to the former author.

Russo was still out with people being afraid of him, so I think he reacted well. [8:55-8:58]

Wtch the video up top to her Russos debate bout Triple Hs mngeril style in comprison to McMhon with Brin Jmes, k Rod Dogg.

Brin Jmes hd similr experience with Vince McMhon.

Brin Jmes, who served as writer of SmckDowns from 2016 to 2019, acknowledged tht, t times, the ide of pitching n ide to Vince McMhon was terrifying.

After his four decdes s WWEs president, the 76-year-old probbly never hd chnce to relax, a funny side was added.

Jmes sid, I totally gree with tht [McMhon putting off on stff fering him]! Tht might not be the best thing for people, but it ws effective for him! Is it ever a pleasure to relx and use your swetpnts, nd wtch n episode of Murder She Wrote? [9:00-9:20]

McMhon announced his retirement on Saturday night, following a series of horrific llegions of sexual misconduct. Nick Khn nd Stephnie McMhon hve tken over s the new WWE co-CEOs, with Triple H serving as his new leder.

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