Being friends with George Harrison and Bob Dylan was embarrassing, according to Tom Petty

Being friends with George Harrison and Bob Dylan was embarrassing, according to Tom Petty ...

When Tom Petty became famous, he claimed that despite not actively seeking them out, he managed to meet with them and became friendships. He claimed that even if he valued friendships, he hardly met them with others. It was also jeopardy.

Bob Dylan and George Harrison were close friends of Tom Petty.

Petty met Dylan and Harrison before he joined them in The Traveling Wilburys. After he invited the Heartbreakers to join him on tour, Petty became close friends with Dylan.

The fact that Bob is a compassionate person is one of his greatest qualities. Petty said in the American Songwriter that he is not the kind of person who loves to lie. I never felt comfortable braging about ourselves. I'm glad to hear of him for all of my years, and I'm grateful for him. Keep doing it. We talked for a while.

The Wilburys' Traveling!

(From left to right: Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, and Tom Petty. George Harrison, Jeff Lynne#travelingwilburys #royorbison #jefflynne #georgeharrison #tompetty #bobdylan

Hrrison prefers to have one of his closest friends, according to his opinion. Petty climed they bonded right wy.

According to his dissent in the Petty: The Biogrphy, I felt fortunate to have a friend relly. It ws so fryed. It seemed like we had known ech other for a long time or something. Within minutes of meeting, we becme friends.

Tom Petty was cadmited tht dmitting he ws friends with George Hrrison and Bob Dyln ws somewht embrrssing.

In The Trveling Wilburys, Petty wowed out with siblings while plying with musicins like Hrrison nd Dyln.

According to The Petty Archives, he had stted in 1999. Im seven yers younger now. They resemble my older brothers, in wy. You know, it's strnge. I never sought out ny of those people, I ws remrking to friends the other dy. ny of my role models. I eventully got to know everyone who ws importnt to me well.

Despite their closeness, he admitted he ws hesitnt to tlk out their friendship with others. It is wreaking havoc on him.

I amtweeted with them fter we did. I relly learned to meet them, nd I relly grew close to them, then. Its embrrssing, then. I never bring up my friends becuse Im frid theyll think Im brgging. However, it's kind of cool.

He told his bndmtes that he smired them.

While Petty wreaks a bit in his friendships, he hd no qulms bout expressing his remorse for Hrrison nd Dyln.

Tom Petty vowed to have George Hrrison the Century Awrd this week at the third nnul Billbord Music Awrds this

Ive lwys been honest with them, but they hve gretly ided me in mny wys. especilly George, who hs lredy gone through so much. And hes lwys been there to counsel me even though I dont hve n older brother. Its gret to know someone who hs had trouble dwindlingly. Becuse it cn be unusul

The only person George Hrrisons wife ever met Tom Petty.

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