I have extensive experience in interior design, and I've learned how to utilize the hot mirror trend to make any room appear more luxurious

I have extensive experience in interior design, and I've learned how to utilize the hot mirror trend ...


Interior design enthusiasts and social media users have taken an especially important note of one mirror trend.

Tahnee Carroll, the stylist behind Citizens of Style, has a lot to say about on friday's and wavy mirrors.

She claims, citing Domain, that all trends have their chance to shine. Curves are so popular in interior design that I believe they will last for a while.

Wavy mirrors have made a statement inside people's houses since the 1970s.

Geneva Vanderzeil, a DIY enthusiast and author, has created the #mirrormirrormade Instagram series to motivate people who like interior design.

There are so many things you can do with mirrors in the house; Geneva advises that im all about making things simple.

I've previously cut my own mirror into organic shapes, but you may achieve the same effect by covering a regular mirror with plaster or clay.

According to the expert, when you want to add visual interest to a room while keeping it simple and inviting, a wavy or curvy mirror is the ideal addition.

Wavy mirrors are becoming more popular because social media users share mirror selfies on various platforms.

For an eccentric and spacy finishing touch, Instagram influencers and TikTokers may take photos in front of sharp mirrors.

Consumers in Gen-Z or Millennil aren't limited to the wacky mirror trend.

sys Thnee, thinks the ll genertions are currently delaying the clumsy trend in their homes.

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They despise strting in the back of the room, becuse it hs wvy mirrors, not going overbord, and keeping things simple.

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