The stadium situation is discussed by the Broncos' owners

The stadium situation is discussed by the Broncos' owners ...

Getty is facing charges.

Greg Penner, the CEO of the Broncos, is speaking.

Today, as part of the UC Health Training Center, was a historic day. In front of the neighborhood media, the Denver Broncos' new ownership group was declared the legitimate owners.

According to controlling owner Rob Walton, the ownership group stood up to speak to the audience from the podium.

After Penner stepped up and answered his questions, the possibility of constructing a new stadium was finally discussed.

We are not sure how we feel about that yet. Penner continued, as Empower Field at Mile High was just closed today. World-class sporting and entertainment events have been held there. We have a partnership with the stadium district, and we have ten years left on our lease, so we have the opportunity to explore our options, think through it all through and make a choice.

The construction on the current stadium started in August 1999, and it was then inaugurated in August 2001. Since then, the stadium has hosted non only Broncos home games, but also incredible performances from the Eagles, U2, Garth Brooks, and the Rolling Stones.

After wht we saw the newest stdiums in Dlls, Atlnt, Ls Vegs, and even Los Angeles, the topic of building new stdium hs has been discussed for yers in Denver.

Where would The Stdium go?

The Denver Interntionl Airport, which is only 35 minutes to the eastern end of the current stadium, has a new stdium.

The Broncos would add plenty of spce with so much lnd to the est to construct stdium s well smll community nerby. similr to Dlls Jerry World.

Hotels, restaurantes, brs, etc. may be available.

There is a ton of dditionl lnd along I25, just north of Thornton. Considering the Broncos' ability to expend theress well given the new developments tht re enhncing the city.

Russells New Contrct: Updte

Russell Wilson's contrct expires after the 2023 seson, but given the mount the current qurterbcks re being pid, some hve rgued tht it may be preferble to sign long-term contrcts soon s possible.

Penner responded to the questioned bout when he found a new contrct with Wilson tody. At this point, nothing was going to happen.

The price of the newly cp that has been acquired drterbck is $24 million. The seson nd has risen to $27 million the following year.

The top seven qurterbcks will ech ern t for $126 million. Kyler Murry's most recent greed to five-year, $230 million contrct with $160 million gurntee.

Deshun Wtson's hnd has risen to 5-year highs, with the Clevelnd Browns taking $230 million to compete, which has been quite successful.

When their negotitions fade, the Broncos will try to py Wilson somewhere between those two contrcts. Wilson's negotiting rigged nd desire to end the greatest slry of ny qurterbck in the NFL is currently unknown.

The question of when and how much del will cost Wilson depends on the new ownership groups' willingness to spend money.

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