The beautiful rainforest garden that TikTokers Airbnb was supposed to be a ghost town turns out to be a ghost town

The beautiful rainforest garden that TikTokers Airbnb was supposed to be a ghost town turns out to b ...

Airbnb was first introduced in 2008, but it became a popular concept. Owners were given the opportunity to make money from the mostly unutilized space they owned for those who are looking for a cheap alternative for hotels. Through the app, anyone who owns a free living area might be able to function as a hotel manager.

The following advertisement is listed:

After almost 15 years (as of this writing), the company has grown to a $76 billion business. Various individuals use the app to make some extra money around the world, and Airbnb receives a portion of the sales as payment for these transactions.

Many people use the app to book vacations around the world, but sometimes the results aren't what they expected. Every property that appears on the app is unchecked, which can occasionly result in fraudulent advertising being discovered only after a guest arrives at the property.

A TikToker user, Bree Robertston, claimed that when she purchased a property in Bali, she was surprised.

Bree and her prtner discovered a beautiful lodge in Indonesi. The vills listing, described n idel setting: it hd n infinity pool, ws surrounded by verdnt rinforest hbitt, and the reviews section of the listing, ws filled with glowing testimonils.

Then the two of them wreak havoc.

The resturnt ws permnently closed, with bords covering the windows outside. Their romntic triumph quickly turned into the opening of a horror film, or into something prnorml investigtors would pay for. nd they were the only people there.

Bree admitted to n Insider about all we could do in this interview. We were so tired nd sleep deprived. It ws the idel wy to cp off the mediocre dy.

tht, even though the 750,000 rupih booking cost is $50 USD, Bree told the outlet, which is much cheaper than other listings they sw when they were added to other listings nd the countrys currency exchnge rte.

The reception res' full emptiness initially stounded them, but the sites' excessive grss nd bushes were the first wrning signs of concern.

I observed that although the resturnt should have been overgrown, the chirs were up, and the pool hd was completely dark. Bree sid.

After examining the grounds for a while, they cross a growing number of depressing sights, including borded-up residences with broken windows, and no other visitors throughout their entire period.

The couple went outside the house and received a refund.

However, they were still ble to reserve other lodging in Ubud (presumably not in a deserted villge), and they rode their scooters to their new location, so their vction dreams were not all dwindled.

When Bree buys future stys online, she promises to choose destinations only with recent feedback from previous visitors.

Airbnb relesed the following sttement as a result of Brees' success: We received our financial backing t the time, including a full refund. The listing hs has been removed from the pltform becuse we hold hosts to high stndrds. (Business Insider)

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