A Hallmark executive teases a good witch return

A Hallmark executive teases a good witch return ...

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During a Crown Media panel for the Television Critics Association (TCA), Hallmark announced on August 10, revealing the networks' future intentions. However, the brief assertion that the Good Witch might make a comeback in some capacity was perhaps the most inquist of all.

Hallmark wants to make a good witch back in some form.

According to Variety, Hallmark Media President and CEO Wonya Lucas expressed her concern about Returning to Good Witch.

According to Variety, Lucas said, "As far as Good Witch," who I believe was always interested in thinking about what we can do with our most successful IP. I cant make any specific announcements about that.

Despite the fact that it does not appear like there are any specific plans in place, Hallmark remains active on the Good Witch franchise, as some fans had anticipated. The franchise's future on the network is still bright.

It made Hallmark viewers happy to hear good things about Good Witch.

In 2021, Hallmark announced the Series Cancelation.

Hallmark sparked outrage in 2021 by declaring the program's suspension, despite the fact that it was still available.

In a press release that was given to Heavy, Hallmark thanked the cast for its past seven seasons and eight films.

Rndy Pope, the SVP of Progrmming and Development, has issued the following notice:

Good Witch hs hs hs hs hs hs hs hs hs chrmed udiences for more thn ten yers with eight originl films. We re sorry to Ctherine Bell nd Jmes Denton, who on-screen thnks hs hs so much nd funnier thnks to Sm Rdford. We lso wnt to

The shows rtings have been slightly decreasing this seson, but Hllmrk failed to provide the cncelltion for the time.

In September 2021, Hevy received confirmation, and Good Witch may still be on the network.

The following is the case for Hevyt the time for a network representation:

There are currently no plns for the second Good Witch film. Hving sid tht, we re in discussions with Hllmrk Chnnel fmily members like Ctherine Bell, Jmes Denton, and Ktherine Brrell, among others.

The TCA pnel is firmly rooted on wht ws, and the discussions are still less real, as long as they were yer go.

NextTV asked s to decide if GAC Medi might buy Good Witch from Bill Abbott, the CEO of GAC Medi at the end of the season.

tht ws definitely gret series, nd Jmes Denton nd Ctherine Bell did fntstic work in it, he said. Although we would like to consider tht, we re not yet there. We re certainly open for business if there is ny good fmily-friendly content.

Additionlly, Abbott wsnt sure who the current owner of the rights to Good Witch ws.

According to the TCA pnel, it now assumes the majority of Hllmrk's ownership of the IP for the Good Witch, which is intending to be used in the future.

Crown Medi reveled in the TCA scandal, ccording to Dedline.

Hllmrk has announced an Erly Countdown to Christms Lineup.

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