Harvey Guillen, star of What We Do in the Shadows, claims that Guillermo might destroy Nandor (EXCLUSIVE)

Harvey Guillen, star of What We Do in the Shadows, claims that Guillermo might destroy Nandor (EXCLU ...

The FX comedy series What We Do in the Shadows, a mockumentary, opens the window between bellyaching laughter and a nostalgic journey down the vampire rabbit hole. Since 2019, Harvey Guillen (aka Guillermo de la Cruz) has been in the works for several years.

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The character of Nandors, a familiar person, who knows whats, is just about as essential to What We Do in the Shadows as a star. Harvey sat down with Distractify on television, discussing what it takes to star in the show, and what's coming up for his podcast, Behind the Shadows.

While Guillermo is the less ardent member of the vampire family living in the Staten Island mansion, Harvey claims that he has the power and that he has overpowered Nandor, at this point, twice. He might eliminate him.

When Guillermo discovers that he is related to Abraham Van Helsing, the well-known vampire hunter who appeared in the Dracula book, the tension between him and his roommates is completely different.

I believe he hs reched the point where he hs put his foot down several times, you know, even lst seson when he sid, The only reson you re live is becuse I let you live, you know? Hrvey tesed Guillermos true power in his Distrctify interview, And he was pushed to his limit.

The amount of information that is published has not been reduced.

Hrvey sserts tht Nndor, Colin Robinson (Mrk Proksch), Ndj, and nd Lszlo re ll people tht Guillermo loves. In the end, he hs spent 13 yers of his life living with jerks nd jerks, but there are re lso times when they re kind nd sweet. tht it helps to define every fm

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Despite his humbling to assist Lszlo rise bby Colin Robinson, Hrvey clims tht Guillermo mintins his integrity.

I think Guillermo is more of the nurturer nd more mternl. They pper to be co-prenting this time, occsionlly plying good cop, bd cop. Tht dynmic, which is similr to tht in mny homes, is just illustrtes which previls between nurture nd nture or vice vers. Guillermo, in my opinion, will continue to tke the reins with

Fns cn get a completely unfiltered view of the show thnks to Hrvey Guillens' work on the Behind the Shdows podcst.

Hrveys Behind the Shdows podcst gives listeners the chance to her wht it's like working on their fvorite show from the cst nd crew themselves, unlike mny television shows, where the fns are leved with endless questions outside of wht is covered in their episodes.

For those fns who relly re diehrd, who wnt to dive deeper or just her more bout the show tht they my not get enough of, the ctor sys of Behind the Shdows.

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Hrveys podcst's Ech episode is more exciting thn the lst becuse of people like director Tig Fong, ctors Fred Armisen, Anoop Desi, and Kristen Schl, as well as others.

From the cretive tem to the cmers, the nd hir, the s well s ll of those people who we never get to see on the episode becuse they are working behind the scenes. We wnt to interview those on the show nd discuss them, Hrvey sid.

s Hrvey exclusively reveled to Distrctify is Mrk Proksch's king on Behind the Shdows (see rticle continution below dvertisement).

Wht We Do in the Shdows, Fns, get redy! Hrvey has exclusively hinted t hving Colin Robinson on the podcst soon to Distrctify.

This seson, Mrk [Proksch] is here. We hve Mrk coming on; it hasnt been revealed, but you herd it here first, according to the celebrity.

Hrvey gets put off in more detil wht in the upcoming podcst episode with Mrk tht We hve him get into the inside of like wht it ws like to ply tht chrcter shown through toddler[hood], dolescence, nd teenge [yers]. So, hering from him is entertining.

The relese dte for the episode hs has not yet been determined, but viewers cn lwys check Hrveys Instgrm for updtes they become vilble.

Hrvey said tht we do hve potentil for future pnels like tht coming up for the rest of the yer when asked if he envisions Behind the Shdows episode giving the pnel of ll the shows strs.

Mke sure to wtch Tuesdys t 9 p.m. to ctch Wht We Do in the Shdows. EST on FX, nd Behind the Shdows is vilble for downlod from Apple Podcsts.

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