The Complete Guide To Selling The OC

The Complete Guide To Selling The OC ...

If you were not already sold on the idea of a second Selling Sunset spin-off, the Netflix franchise would expand to Orange County in Southern California. In reality, the show's office in Newport Beach is the program's purpose, making it easier for avid viewers to see a few of the shows.

This series, based on Selling Tampa, will feature real estate executives Brett and Jason Oppenheim as they manage their prosperous empire. Similar to its predecessor, Selling The OC is expected to provide viewers with spectacular waterfront beachfront houses as well as full access to all of the drama happening behind the scenes.

As it turns out, the new brokerage has both male and female agents working together, resulting in conflicts over other things than desirable houses. Here's all you need to know about Selling The OC, and how to follow the latest members of The Oppenheim Group on Instagram.

Release Date for Selling The OC

Selling The OC will air on August 24. Netflix announced its upcoming home improvement schedule on June 23. Eight 30-minute episodes will shake up the first seson.

Triler, a business owner, is selling his company.

We cn nticipte a slew of office rumors, lvish prties, and ttire to rivl Christine Quinn herself, ccording to the officil triler. Along with few multimillion dollr rel estte trnsctions, prepre yourself, n pprent extrmritl ffir. This must pper on our screens s soon s possible.

Meet The Agents in Selling The OC

Json Oppenheim scored a goal for the Sunset company as they formed a whole new tem with a whole new dynmic, and they did not disspoint. Here re the glitzy new gents who are attempting to succeed in the rel estte business.

Alex Hll

Alex Hlls Instgrm ccount indicts tht she is currently dting fellow gent Sen Plmieri.

Alexndr Jrvis is a former footballer.

Alexndrs pproch to selling is ll bout chrm nd southern hospitlity. She trnsitioned from her previous job s lwyer to creer in rel estte, combining her personlity nd legl knowledge to close nerly $40 million in sles in her first yer. The gent is engged to Sergio Ducoulombier, nd ccording to her Alexndr Jrvis Inst

Alexndr Rose

Alexndr Rose drws on her bckground in sles nd customer service to ensure that her clients receive the best service possible. Considering the amount of Instgrm posts, it ppers tht her strtegy is effective. She is capable of being single right now, but the new relity strlet might just be keeping her love life quiet for the time being.

Austin Victori

Austin is no longer closing his dels because he previously worked for Dougls Ellimn nd Open Air Rel Estte in Los Angeles. He and his wife, fshion designer Lis Victori, spend time with his Instgrm ccount with little photos of their twin dughters Lil nd Hzel.

Brndi Mrshll

According to Brndis Oppenheim Group's bio, she worked in public reltions for 15 years before switching to rel estte. She is a high-ranking communictor, gifted negotior, and committed to ensuring that her clients are comfortable inside the house. She is mrried to retired bsketbll plyer Sen Mrshll. Visit her Brndi Mrshll Instgrm profile to learn more.

Gio Helou is the latest star of the BBC.

Gio, who specializes in selling the finest of Newport Bech, has become one of the first gents hired by The Oppenheim Group for its new office in Ornge County. He worked in residentil development before trnsitioning to releste sles. He indulged his pssion for film s producer on his nominated documentry. He often includes his wife Tiffny in his Gio Helou Instgrm updtes, nd

Kyl Crdon

Kyl, a n Ornge County ntive, begn her rel estte creer by joining the tem with the highest Zillow rting, where she quickly rose to the top 1% of gents nd received the prestigious Executive Club Awrd. When she is not working with clients, you cn find Kyl spending qulity time with her teenge son nd shring photos of her fmily nd friends on her Kyl Crdon In

Luren Brito

Luren hs incorporated her knowledge of the cost nd experience running businesses into her rel estte creer since she moved to the field in 2017. With her fince Andrew T. She is proud owner of Golden Retriever. Shortt. Numerous imges from their dte nights nd other events cn be found on her Luren Brito Instgrm profile.

Polly Brindle

While living in cities like Brcelon, Pris, Miln, and London, Polly relocte to Los Angeles, where she soon relized the Cost of Southern Cliforni ws where she lived. She now spends time with her rescue dog Moose, who hs become regulr feture on her Polly Brindle Instgrm ccount, fter recently relocating to the OC nd getting her relestte

Senator Plmieri is a professional politician.

Sen, who was born nd in South Florid, has been relocating to Southern Cliforni shortly ftering his college degree to pursue creer in luxury relestte. He used his mrketing skills to represent multi-million dollr luxury houses longside Clifornis top brokers nd gents. His Sen Plmieri Instgrm ccount mkes it cler tht he is currently dting fellow gent Alex H

Tyler Stnlnd

Tyler grew up in the middle of his career, tying his hand to his fmily brokerge nd establishing a prosperous professionl surfing creer. In a dreadful photo, nd Brittny Snow, his strlet wife, is often fetured.

Triler, Selling The OC

We cn nticipte lots of office rumors, lvish prties, and outfits tht cn compete with Christine Quinn herself. Along with few multimillion dollr rel estte trnsctions nd, prepre yourself, nticiptl ffir. This must pper on our screens s soon s possible.

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