High-ups in the Philadelphia 76ers are interested in purchasing Kevin Durant

High-ups in the Philadelphia 76ers are interested in purchasing Kevin Durant ...

According to a source from NBA insider Ian Bagley, high-ranking members of the Philadelphia 76ers are interested in signing Kevin Durant from the Brooklyn Nets.

According to Bagley, high-ranking Sixers players expressed interest in negotiations a deal for Durant as of earlier this week. If a trade between Brooklyn and Philadelphia has advanced recently, it's important to note that high-ranking players indicated that they would be interested in negotiating a deal for Durant.

Philadelphia has apparently joined the parade of teams believed to be in line to make an offer. Brooklyn has been patient despite the demand for KD, who has four years left on his contract.

The Philadelphia 76ers are interested in purchasing Kevin Durant.

These are some observations about the Nets, Celtics, Kevin Durant, Marcus Smart, and the Sixers' interest in Durant.

The time will tell if Durant will be traded.

Despite having dealt with numerous injuries over the previous three seasons, KD remains one of the most dangerous two-way stars in the game. Durant saw a 51.8% shooting drop and averaged 29.9 points, 7.4 assists, and 6.4 assists per game last year.

Durnt, who will turn 34 in September, hs only prticipated in 90 of the 226 regulr-seson gmes due to a n Achilles tendon injury. In the previous two sesons, he missed time due to knee nd hmstring issues. As he recovered from Jnury's knee injury, the Nets took a severe hit.

The errtic chrcter hs only managed to win one plyoff series. Now tht they have been defeated in the plyoffs lst yer, demnding the tem in the coch he personlly chosen.

Durnt won two chmpionships as part of Steph Curry's Golden Stte Wrriors.

As the Nets become wreshs of the type of trde sset they hve on their hnds, Brooklyn hs remined ptient in the trde tlks. If Durnt fails to receive a different tem the following seson, it will cost a sizble sum of money to sign him.

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