In photos, the most beautiful family moments of Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund

In photos, the most beautiful family moments of Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund ...

While they were dating, Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund maintained a little apprehension, particularly following their son, Rhodes, in December 2020.

Following the split from her ex-fiance, Evan Peters, whom she had dating intermittently since 2012, the couple was reported to be dating in March 2019. According to a source, the relationship between Garrett and Emma has only been on for a few weeks.

The Nerve star discussed how she could date in the public eye shortly after Us confirmed that they were seeing each other. In May 2019, she stated to Cosmopolitan: "It's difficult to be with someone by yourself, let alone with an audience." And it sometimes makes me sad because of Twitter and Instagram, where anyone can comment on what youre doing and no one knows the real story. That's tough.

In January 2020, another insider informed Us that the couple was enjoying friendship and having fun together, but that they hadn't talked about anything more serious. However, things appeared to change quickly, as Us announced their pregnancy in June 2020.


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If the ex-couple ever wants a ny dditionl dvice, they cn lso sk Tim McGrw, who lso hppens to be Hedlunds co-str in Country Strong nd is the godfther of Rhodes. The Minnesot ntive sid on the Kelly Clrkson Show in Februry 2021, Hes somebody tht I dmire nd respect

Scroll down to see Roberts nd Hedlunds' finest fmily moments.

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