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Megatel Homes to Build 800 Million $ Lagoon Community Near Dallas

Megatel Homes to Build 800 Million $ Lagoon Community Near Dallas

Megatel Homes LLC announced today that it is developing the Bellagio Lagoon community, one of the largest private homes in the nation's suburb of Forney, Texas. lists homes in the area on the list of the best suburbs to move to in 2021. This list is based on home prices, education quality and crime rates. In the Covid-19 pandemic, Forney became the largest new home market in North Texas, and benefited from the influx of residents from dense urban districts and suburbs in the suburb.

Once completed, the project will feature a manmade lagoon with white sand beaches. The house will range from 1800 square feet to 4200 square meters and cost $349,000 to 600,000.

"Megatel lagoon communities have become a game-changing asset for our firm," said Aaron Ipour, co-founder. "We received enormous feedback from potential homebuyers, which has exceeded our expectations. The hard work, dedication and innovative thinking of our team directly contributed to the early success of these lagoon developments."

Lagoon communities offer traditional residential amenities, as well as unique features, such as convenient access to beach and waterfront recreational activities, like kayaking and sand sports. The residents of the Bellagio Lagoon community will enjoy amenities best-in-class like a swim-up bar, Flowrider surfing simulator, dog park, playground, splash park and more. Residents will be able to access a large amenity center with savage restaurants, d'animation, an adult lounge, and o children's interactive play area. Residents also have access to bowling area, arcade and home design center.

The first phase of the community's new home, which houses about 400 houses, will be completed by April 2022. The lagoon will be finished by August 2022.

Ipour explains that the returns and sales velocity on lagoon communities have increased than any other development previously considered by the firm. "Due to the success of our lagoon communities, we expect the first phase of the Bellagio community to be sold out before January 2022. More than 60 percent of the community has been sold to date.

Megatel Homes is currently offering incentives for realtors who promote the lagoon communities to their respective clients. Incentives include offering realtors and their families access to the community's amenities, allowing realtor owners to experience the world of the amenities and services of a community, and ultimately better explain the benefits and amenities to their clients.

The Bellagio Lagoon community is Megatel Homes' third lagoon community out of more than 100 developments the company has completed since 2006. The firm has five additional lagoons scheduled for presale this year and is currently working on plans for 15 additional community communities in Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Ipour credits the Megatel Rent-Back Program, launched in 2019, as an extension of the extraordinary demand for the company's lagoon communities and more traditional single family homes. Megatel Homes launched the Megatels Rent-Back program to build a bridge between renters and the homeownership. The Megatel Rent-Back program will give renters a lease at lease end for ten years in return for renter who choose to buy homes.

The enormous lease demand in the Texas rental market coupled with the excitement that escalating around the concept of lagoon communities create a fantastic opportunity for renters and ultimately maximizing their conversion from renter to first time homebuyers. Due to the labor shortage, the resulting Covid-19 pandemic has induced, we are actively seeking to hire more talent to stay up with the growing rental market.

About Megatel Homes Megatel Homes has emerged as one of the most successful homes in the state of Texas Founded in 2006. Since its founding, more than 100 developments have taken place of several thousand houses. The company has more than 100 communities now and spread rapidly throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.


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