After seeing a 27-year-old woman spend time with her mother naked and in bed, they feel dissatisfied

After seeing a 27-year-old woman spend time with her mother naked and in bed, they feel dissatisfied ...

TLC viewers were left feeling unwell when a mother and daughter admitted they like to spend time together naked and in bed.

Paula, 27, and her mother Francia, 46, discussed their close relationship in the fourth season of Mothered, which explores the lives of mothers and daughters who have intense bonds.

Paula was seen walking around her house and giving her mother a drink while completely naked. She even claimed that seeing family members naked is common in her Colombian culture.

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She went even further, stating that her goal of the day being to spend it with her mother in her verges would be.

She spoke to cameras in an ideal world: I'd [spend] all of the hours in the day with my mother, naked and in bed.

It is very common in Columbia that you see each other naked in your family. That's bringing us closer together.

After the episode, viewers reported feeling uncomfortable and even declaring that the couple needed mental health treatment.

One viewer reveals that the relationship between Francia and Paula makes me irritated.

Another awkward viewer joking: #smothered someone explins to me why Frnci nd Pul feel like they are married,

Pul nd her mother retaliatedly too close, according to a third person. Wht mde her rub her legs?

Pul is required to acquire hobby, therpy, and nd robe, and someone else jokingly sid. Wlking round nked is normlly cceptble, but it isnt with her. #smothered.


Despite my opinion, the mother ndughter insist that they would not skim off their position.

Mum Frnci sid: When Im nked with my dughter, I realize that my connection is very deep. I fully understand Pul. Even when she goes to the bthroom gin, I know.

Even some people have hve defended them, with one Instgrm user writing in response to clip, Its their life s long s they re hppy.

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