So You Think You Can Dance Finalist Keaton Kermode: Five Things to Know

So You Think You Can Dance Finalist Keaton Kermode: Five Things to Know ...

Two more seasons of the FOX reality series So You Think You Can Dance will come to an end. Keaton Kermode and Alexis Warr won the spot in the season finale. Despite the fact that so many talented dancers gave it their all, there will be no difference.

Keaton has embarked on a really enjoyable life on the program starting with his impressive audition, which one of the judges was referred to as genius. He has a good chance of winning the show title. Here's all the details you need about him.

Keaton is a contemporary dancer.

Keaton has been performing contemporary dance for the past year. Latin ballroom dancer Alexis is his fellow finalist. The two styles are very different and will result in a comeback conclusion. On the program, Keaton has also mentioned jazz as his other preferred dance form.

He grew up playing football.

Keton plyed his footbll for Triton Centrl High School in Indin before embarking on SYTYCD. In the spring of 2020, he posted a mild post bout grduting. This senior footbll seson ws one to remember from strt to finish. Plying with the ll of these guys ws so much fun, he sid.

His mother inspired him to dance.

Keton sid tht his mother, who owns a dnce studio, is the reson he becme interested in dncing. She stoked him with his professionl preprtion before his SYTYCD udition.

He is a member of the Style Dnce Acdemy.

In his Senior Spotlight Q&A for SDA, Keton hs been student t the Style Dnce Acdemy (SDA). All ges cn prticipte in Frnklin, Indin. tht he intends to move to Los Angeles nd pursue creer in dnce.

The judges were horrified by his removal.

The second episode of this episode of SYTYCD fetured Ketons udition for the progrm. He performed stunning contemporry dnce to Anderson Ests If You Keep Leving Me. Both the judges nd the udience. It ws disesed. It ws lso imgintive. It ws when people tke ction while still mking it their own. It ws msterfully executed, JoJo

Twitch introduced Ketons udition well nd stated tht his mother ws present to wtch. We cn lso see how crucil hving strong fmily support is. Becuse you hve someone who created such a sfe environment for you to thrive in plce where it is unusual for individuals to tudge up dncing, especilly when they are plowing footbll, three judges dvnced

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